This Chick Gets Paid to Instagram! Holy Lo-Fi!

So listen, I may have an addiction–an Instagram addiction. I probably post at least daily, and I am a sucker for a good filter. Who doesn’t love a little Rise in their life? I know I do. I instagram my nephew, my friends, my food, my commute to work, etc. Sunsets look better. My face looks better. Life just looks better through an Instagram filter in a 5×5 frame! Let’s just all admit this, okay?

We all love Instagram.

Now let’s talk about a woman who is getting paid daily to Instagram! Are you serious? IS THIS SERIOUS? If I got paid to Instagram photos of my life, I would maybe be the happiest person ever. Look Ma! I’m a professional Instagrammer!

Enter Liz Eswein. She claimed the “@NewYorkCity” Instagram user name awhile ago, and things have just taken off from there. She is only lucky lady if you ask me. And her photos are phenomenal. She has almost 1 million followers too! I have about 70 so we’re pretty much neck in neck in that department.

According to Business Insider, “She goes to Fashion Week. She was backstage at 12-12-12, the benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy. She took a helicopter ride around Manhattan on behalf of Dos Equis. And work isn’t just in New York City anymore. She just got back from Africa and London, and next week she’ll be off to Singapore.”

She is one of the most popular non-celebrity accounts on Instagram today, and she just keeps getting more popular. More power to you, girl! Keep on keepin’ on! I think I found my new dream job. Maybe someday my kids will be going to art school and majoring in Instagram.

Are you still not jealous yet? Just wait until you see her photos!

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