Help! My Boyfriend Wants to Have Sex All The Time! How Do I Get Him to Chill Out?

One thing that’s (usually) true about the differences between men and women is that men think about sex a lot more than women do. They think about it a lot. And they want to do it a lot. And there is nothing wrong with this! I mean, we females love sex too.

We enjoy it just as much as men do, but sometimes, we don’t want to do it. We love our boyfriends, but when they get a little too demanding about it. There might be a problem there. So what happens when you start having sex with your man, and then every. single. time. you’re together, that’s all he wants to do? Obviously, you would start to worry and wonder why he even still comes around when all he wants to do is get naked.

Even when you communicate to him that you’re totally not into it and he still (somehow!) convinces you to do it! Even when you’re totally not in the mood! This is not okay.

This is never okay. Women deserve men who respect their values, morals, and more importantly, their bodies.

Head on over to Gurl to read one girl’s testimony of being in this situation and then take the advice Gurl dishes out!

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