Cosmic Candy: October 14th – 20th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising- FYI, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a full moon which happens to also be an eclipse, which also happens to be in your sign. This fantastic growth opportunity happens on Friday, October 18th but you’ll must likely start feeling it around….now. There may be an increase in anxiety or you may feel a little less comfortable and a little more on the spot than usual, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It could actually be fun for the more adventurous members of your clan. No matter what type of ram you are, it’s important to remember that we are in eclipse season (this is the first of two, the second will be on November 4th) which has a way of making time feel more like a warp than a through-line. It’s so tempting to be reactive and dramatic during eclipses, and generally such a bad idea. I make it a rule during these times to assume that I don’t have all of the information and that more than likely my vision is distorted and therefore I am seeing reality in a funky fashion. Through these twilight zone experiences eclipses can bring about really positive changes but more often than not it’s through an intense event that makes us face parts of ourselves that we usually sweep under the rug. Roll with the difficulty this week if it’s there, expect some sort of peak or exaggerated experience about how you are viewing your life or how others are viewing you. If at all possible, see the whole thing as appropriately timed and perfectly suited for your next phase of spiritual development.

Taurus and Taurus Rising- While there are still many pressing issues in your intimate relationships (especially with your elders or people that you hold in high esteem) the full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries this week is happening in a part of your chart that has a little less to do with people and a little more to do with being alone. Sometimes what gets us to this place of deep reflection is an exterior event that forces us to stop, either by being physically isolated due to health issues or experiencing life on our own because we end up in a place that is unfamiliar or unknown. Either way its just another opportunity to experience who we are and what we do in the face of a challenge. You may not be charged with the task of making peace with solitude, but you may have an experience that throws you into an emotional or existential abyss of sorts. Again, after this week most of this material will be worked out through the other folks in your life, but this week’s full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries falls in a part of your chart that’s a little harder to pin on someone else. The moment at hand is an opportunity to learn more about how you face yourself, so I suggest that you further develop some bold and definitive self-love strategies.

Gemini and Gemini Rising– In a recent article posted on Arise India Forum, entitled Nurse Reveals Top 5 Regrets People Make On Their Deathbed, # 4 was “I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.” Over and over the article states that the main regrets people have are related to working too hard and being too busy to do what they wanted to do, mainly having taken the time to love more and to have spent more time with those they loved. This week’s full Moon eclipse in Aries is happening in your 11th house of friendships. This is the domain of our chart where we seek comfort and belonging outside our family structure, it’s where and how we find the people that hold similar ideals, hopes and dreams as we do. Life is so much sweeter when we join together with folks that expand our worldview and inspire us to fulfill our dreams. A functioning and thriving community holds a similar vision and adds to it so that it can become bigger than the sum of its parts. We are social creatures, which is why the practice of leaving prisoners in solitary confinement is a means of torture, we need one another as allies, co-conspirators and fellow troublemakers. Issues in your social circles may arise this week, questions about what you are building with your friends and community members may come into focus- but what I want you to keep as a frame for the whole event is that if you have folks to work through the harder issues of life with then you are more than fortunate and it’s a blessing for you to make yourself available to them no matter what the circumstances. There’s little in life as satisfying as committing to moving through discomfort with others in an open, honest and vulnerable fashion.

Cancer and Cancer Rising- I know that it’s tempting to try and plan out every detail of our lives so that we can (at the very least) pretend that we have some sort of final say over how everything will unfold. However, I am here to remind you, yet again, that it’s so much better that we don’t know how the plan will ultimately unfold. The Aries full moon eclipse will burst onto your 10th house scene on Friday, October 18th. This is the house where we meet the public, where we meet our tribe, where we either fit in or fall out of favor with the powers that be. If we see each house as a container, the 10th house in particular is where we are likely to store the imprint of our parent’s successes and failures and overlay them on our own. A full moon in Aries is bold, impulsive, daring and ready to go, striving to get there first. Full moons are culminations, peak experiences and sometimes endings while an eclipse (though this one is fairly weak) sheds a new light on an old habit or unconscious pattern. We can’t let our parents shortcomings hold us in place, we can’t be afraid to move beyond their limitations whether it be in our emotional, financial, and interpersonal or career life-I mean we can but aren’t we here to take what they gave us and run with it? Aren’t we born so that we can take the best of what our family gave us and pay it forward? Aren’t we born to compost the family garbage and turn it into fresh, rich soil? Isn’t it our job to discover the reason why we were put here? It’s a bold act to have faith, it’s daring to trust that life has our back and it’s even more courageous to believe that everything is working out exactly as it should without anxiety or stress, just a belief that we will be taken care of if we agree to do our part.

Leo and Leo Rising- The tension that wants to be held by you this week is one of movement vs. meaning. There are many things that we can do in a day and there are many ways we give the non-essentials of our lives precedence. However, if this were to be the last day on earth left in your souls daybook, could you say that your actions were in line with your ethics? It feels like there is some annoying factor that you cannot shake, like a pesky teenager that won’t let an issue go, testing your boundaries, forcing you to define what is important to you, what has meaning for you and what laws you adhere to. If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything as the famous quote goes and more than any other feeling I get about your chart this week it’s this: What do you stand for now? Question yourself, make sure that what has been true for you up until now is still true for you, and if not respect the change. The week may not leave you with many answers, it is eclipse season after all, but if you are lucky it may leave you a little more open to making meaning out of what is.

Virgo and Virgo Rising- A couple technicalities to get out of the way before we move into the meat of the meal here. Firstly, Mars has just moved into your sign fueling your efforts and firing up your engines. Secondly, your ruling planet, Mercury, is in Scorpio and is sloooooowing down to station retrograde on October 21st, this feels a little less helpful in terms of satiating your appetite for immediate gratification but oh so helpful for feeding your souls desire to grow. The mix of energies is like two bold steps forward and one thoughtful step back. Friday’s full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries is happening in your 8th house, which has to do with endings, not to mention the fact that full moons and eclipses generally signal the ending or completion of something. Because the ruler of both eclipses is Mars (eclipses come in two’s, the next one is on November 4th in Scorpio) who is now in your sign, it seems high time for you to step up to the plate and embrace your insecurities. I say this because it can only help to nurture an authentic confidence. Put some self-doubt to rest so that you can have more energy available to go deep and move forward with slow, steady steps.  Don’t be discouraged if things appear to not work out this week, extra patience is required for success right now.

Libra and Libra Rising- “Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything.”, Ray Bradbury once said, and I absolutely agree. However, what may be easy to spot in hindsight can be tremendously difficult to recognize in the midst of heartbreak, feelings of failure and the illusion of abandonment. This week’s full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries happens in your 7th house of Intimate Partnerships or How I Like To Wear My Heart On My Sleeve. Another way to view this part of our life and/or chart is that, if nothing else, it teaches us about how we deal with polarity, how we integrate opposition and how we find balance while being challenged. This being eclipse season (the first eclipse is this Friday and the next is on November 4th), challenge is bound to be a key ingredient. Eclipses take a great amount of trust and patience to get through gracefully and for you, I’d start by accepting everyone exactly as they are and realizing that part of the gift of being in relationship is being pushed into discomfort so that we can heal. If a partnership is working we get to find out who we are and where we stand by being challenged from time to time while holding the experience with a great amount of compassion for ourselves and for our partners.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising- For the moment, and it’s brief, the focus is somewhat off of you but definitely on your responsibilities. I want to remind you that fun; joy and feeling connected to friends and a social life are a major component to being physically and emotionally happy. Your ruling planet just moved into health conscious and work orientated Virgo, but it also just slipped into your house of friendships and feeling related to those around you. Considering all of the action that’s happening in Scorpio right now (Saturn is there, hanging out with a soon to be retrograde Mercury and an upcoming new moon/solar eclipse) many of you aren’t being let off the hook for much-good thing that the universe and I keep reminding you how strong you are. However, I don’t believe that it has to be all suffering-or that you have to suffer much. Actually the only time we ever really suffer is when we cannot accept what is as it is. I’m no Buddha and if you are, you most likely are not reading this horoscope, so lets just assume that accepting life as it is, is a lifelong game to be played and tactic to be mastered. The full moon/lunar eclipse is happening in your 6th house of health, hard work and the million little tasks we do on the daily. My homework for you is to find time, or rather make the time to reach out to loved ones and all beings in your life that help you feel good (pets included). It doesn’t have to be all about work, you can slip in a little joy between the dishes and the laptop.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising- Your desire nature is fiercely passionate, unrestrained and generally ready for whatever adventure is ripe for the taking. I don’t mean to imply that life is easier for you than others but you may have an easier time finding a good time. This weeks lunar eclipse is hosting a block party in your 5th house of Yes, Bring It, Lets Have An Epic Party. However, there is an undertone of hard work here, strange combination as it may seem, or is it? You may be feeling a little less time and space to play or you may be experiencing the workload that only love can bring-either way responsibility and joy go hand in hand for you right now. I highly recommend getting all your work done so that you can carve out some space to spend with your honey; your kids, your favorite hobbies and whatever brings you pleasure. Because we are in eclipse season these domains of life may not go as smoothly as you want them to and you may even find it difficult to find the ease in the things that I just listed. However, it’s important that you keep your eye on them because eclipses tend to have a way of shedding a different light on whatever part of our life it touches and that light can be very, very informative.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising- I am going to suggest that this week you could take your meditations on life a little deeper. The more willing that you are to face the harder, or shall we say more interesting dynamics of your childhood, the richer your week will be. The more open you are to dealing with the issues that come up at home, with roommates and those you live with, the more sane you will feel and the more willing you are to be temporarily ungrounded the more stable you will become. We are in another eclipse season, which tends to spin everything on its head and create an endless stream of paradoxical events. I lectured Cancer on how to move past their parent’s limits in order to realize their true potential and you hold the other side of their horoscope. For you this eclipse could bring an abrupt awakening about how a childhood dynamic is still stealing energy and power from your public or career life. Any revelation in this vein is good news because it will help you to eventually move forward, surpassing the internal struggled that held one or both of your folks back. We have to know what our issues are before we can work them out. This week is asking you to get down with your details for your own benefit.  Life is actually easier when we look forward to peeling back yet another layer of the symbolic onion that is ourselves.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising- Though I still have my eye on your career and the kinds of ups and downs that the rest of this month (and the better part of November) will bring it, this week shifts the focus to your daily rhythms, both physically and mentally. The full moon/lunar eclipse in Aries will be lighting up your 3rd house of movement, neighbors, neighborhoods, siblings, contracts, agents and verbal agreements of all kinds. So much of what ends up coming out of our mouths has to do with all the little nuances that happen behind the scenes in our subconscious mind, and so much of what ends up there are the results of what we picked up from our brothers, sisters and neighborhood kids. Small things, like the route that we took getting to school everyday, the things that walk exposed us to and the things we learned from those little journeys made a huge impact on our psyche. This eclipse could perk one or two of those memories, but more importantly it could highlight one of those misconceptions. It’s so interesting to hear what children make of situations and even more interesting to realize that we make decisions, sign contracts and agree to things based mostly on these early childhood understandings of life and how it works out. This week make sure it’s your adult and not your 4-year old who’s running the show and making your decisions.

Pisces and Pisces Rising- Let’s just begin and end with this mantra: The greatest illusion that my mind generates is that my external reality has more power over me than my internal reality. I would like you to apply this mantra to your financial life, specifically this week as the full moon eclipse in Aries will be in fine form in your second house of wealth, worth and wondering how you’ll ever get out of debt. My advice for this house is always to both respects the cash that is within ones grasp and at the same time act as if the most natural thing in the world is to have all your needs met. I also am fond of reminding my clients and readers that the #1 job of a capitalist society is to make us feel ugly, old, un-hip and in need of massive repair so that we will spend our paychecks and max out our credit cards on junk that the same people will tell us is out of style and irrelevant in 6 months from now so that we perpetuate the cycle endlessly. Instead, this full moon I encourage you to look beyond the physical and material and deeper into your fear around owning, not owning, having and not having. This is an eclipse that can lend us a tremendous amount of courage, so bravely stare your money issues in the eyes and refuse the lies. You’re more powerful that money could ever be, you are a force of nature. The greatest illusion that my mind generates is that my external reality has more power over me than my internal reality. 

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