USC And Occidental College Admit Incorrectly Reporting Sexual Assault

University of Southern California and Occidental College were accused of underreporting sexual assaults, not reporting sexual assaults or reporting them as domestic arguments, conceivably to avoid the paperwork and shame of having so much sexual violence on campus.

After a federal investigation Occidental found 19—19 individuals who were sexually assaulted, potentially 19 assaulters who got away with it—incidences of sexual violence that should have been reported between 2007-2010.

USC failed to report 13 similar occurrences between 2010-2011. According to The Huffington Post these schools allegedly violate the federal Clery Act, “Should the U.S. Department of Education open a review of USC and determine the university failed to report sexual violence properly, the school could be fined up to $35,000 per violation, or as much as $455,000 in total. Occidental could face a maximum fine of $660,000.”

That’s not a lot of money for so many people to have had their abuse invalidated, to be told it was not a big deal, to have not been able to seek justice, to have not been able to be heard, to have their assaulter get away with what they had done, to see their assaulter in their dormitory or classroom because nothing had been done—that’s not a lot of money at all to charge the school for failing so profoundly. It’s not any money the victims will see and it’s not any penalty that will bring the perpetrators to justice. It’s a slap on the wrist for allowing the violation of a students’ basic human rights.

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