Men Take Photos As Pinup Girls To Illustrate How Stupid Objectification Is

MotoCorsa, a Ducati motorcycle dealership, did a photo shoot with a model named Kylie. It was your typical sexualized “hot girl with a bike” photo shoot.¬†But then¬†they did a follow-up photo op where men recreated all of Kylie’s poses. The result is bizarre and funny but highlights an even bigger issue: female objectification. There is nothing sexual about men posing this way because we aren’t used to objectifying the male form, the pictures are taken an earnest, yet appear funny because the thought of sexualizing a man’s rear end or breasts is just preposterous. This only brings to light how awkward and preposterous women posturing in “sexual” positions is and how we are so conditioned to immediately read a woman’s body, when revealed or bending, over to be “sexy.”

The utter ridiculousness of female objection is why many people’s gut reaction to a girl in shorts on a summer day is to slut shame rather than consider the temperature.

Check out the pictures below and see the rest here.

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