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College Kids Twerk On Police Cars And Throw Bottles, Get Teargassed


Police tried to shut down a crazy party at Western Washington University in Bellingham which led to students rioting in the streets. The situation got so out of hand a SWAT team with tear gas and flash grenades were needed to get the students to calm their titties.

“Around 500 college-aged people gathered in the street throwing beer bottles, ripping street signs out of the ground, dancing on cars and chanting obscenities at the police, after authorities attempted around 9 p.m. to shut down a party,” The Huffington Post reports.

Students were streaking, throwing bottles and twerking on police cars.

“In this day in age of the abundance of social media no one can partake in this type of violent behavior and remain anonymous,” Bellingham Police Chief Cliff Cook said in a news release. True. WWU President Bruce Shepard insinuated that riot participants could be expelled because well, shit got real, quick. 

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