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The Pros And Cons Of Slutting In College


Here at CollegeCandy we use the word “slut,” neutrally as in an HBIC who is sexually liberated and who will bone whomever she wants. I am not afraid to declare to the world that I am a big ole’ slut. Whatever you decide to do with your V is your business (no judgments) but I plan on sharing mine with the world until I find a man that I want to wife up.

There are many benefits to passing your V around like a hot potato but there are some cons because . . .  SOCIETY.


The Pick of The Litter

Grrrrrrrrrl. There are lots of boys in lots of flavors. You get to try them all or most or at least the ones that will have you. Sleeping with all kinds of men will teach you that there are all kinds of men. It’s so easy to dismiss guys as jerks or dogs or only after one thing but passed the hard, stoic exterior many guys like a finger up their butt. #TrueFacts

You’re Better In Bed

I’ve heard from a lot of dudes that most girls just lie there like a dead fish and expect the peen to do all the work. I can see how this is true, when I first became sexually active I was insecure about my body, unsure of what to do and was so focused on getting it “right,” I’d freeze up and just kind of enjoy the ride. The more experienced I got the more bold I got because I was less afraid.

You’ll Know What You Like

The less you explore your body, the less you are going to know about it. When you finally meet your perma-boo do you want to have to spend a whole bunch of time overcoming your insecurities and fussing about how to climax (which can be fun too) or just know what you want and what to give? I am in favor of the latter. I know lots of y’all might be waiting for marriage and so the former is probably the most appetizing, that’s totally cool too.


You Will Be Judged

You and your friends may be the cultural brainchilds of Sex and The City. You may not care what your besties are doing with their bodies (beyond the normal friendship concern for their well-being) but guess what, ladies? Society does care. If people get wind of your V’s business they will talk about you, they will shame you and worst of all some of those people will be the guys you actually had sex with. Yep, the same guys who were so excited to be with you, to share themselves with you, who were glad you weren’t, “such a  prude,” will turn on you to brag, to boast, to shame, to degrade and humiliate you because they’ve been brainwashed by SNOBCIETY to think that’s the correct thing to do. It sucks and I am not going to sugar coat how much that sucks because it does.

Your Health Is More Compromised Than Those Less Slutty

I am also not going to pretend like science and statistics aren’t real. The more sexual partners you have the more you are at risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease or having the kind of accident that results in pregnancy. I always, always practice safe sex. #NoBabies #NoHerpes

Your Brain Might Explode

Yes, your brain might explode. You might have a religious or cultural upbringing that is telling you your desires, needs and behaviors or so wrong that the lord himself will give you a one-way ticket to Hades. Your friends may judge you. Your sexual partners may judge you. People on Tumblr may judge you. You may have to reconcile the misguided things people tell you and how you really feel. That’s why before you dive into your little blaze of glory and fluid exchanges you need to get a grip on who you are, what you want, what’s important to you and why you are seeking out a lot of sexual gratification. Self-reflection is key but the struggle to self-realization is real. In the end it’s all worth it.

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