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The 5 Types of Sex You’ll Have in College


Women want sex just as badly as men. There, I said it.

We could sit here and pretend that, as women, we’re coy creatures who turn our noses up at every sexual advance; but deep down (or maybe not so deep down) we want it just as much. Let’s also dismiss the fact that, as college students, we are not as studious as we would like to think. We party, get inebriated and occasionally engage in a hook-up… or three.

You may have come across this type of girl, if not, you may be that girl. No shame. Aside from the curriculum, college offers its fair share of hook-ups.

The Random Hook-up 

Monogamy, what? College doesn’t seem to provide enough stability to produce committed relationships, so you have to get in where you fit in. That party you barely remember is probably the cause of this random hook-up.

The Sex Everyone Ends Up Knowing About 

The random hook-up can be the slippery slope to your sex life. As you embark on this sexual journey, remember that just because you deem them worthy enough to get in your pants for the night, doesn’t mean you can trust them. Men gossip just as much as women do. So don’t think for a second that what went down between you two, will remain between you two. In the event he does keep his mouth shut, the sexual tension will always give you away. People see you two purposely avoiding each other while simultaneously playing eye tag.

The Friend with Benefits 

We’ve all had at least one friend with benefit “transaction.” Whether or not this was an arrangement, or two friends that just got a little too friendly, it happened and you liked it. It’s exactly what the name says, it’s beneficial, it’s comfortable and it’s fun–in the moment.

The Experiment

Don’t lie. We’ve all had a few “girl crushes.” But it usually doesn’t go past “I want her hair.” But you, my friend, you decided to push the envelope and go all Katy Perry on us. Liquor seems to be the common denominator in most of these occurrences, so you let your liquid courage take charge and go after what you wanted. Just because you’ve done it once or twice doesn’t mean you’ll crave women for the rest of your adult life.

The Boomerang Effect

Your college ex is like that itch you can’t help but scratch. You know you shouldn’t but it’s a matter of convenience. How many times have the “Let’s stay friends” talks turned into the two of you rolling around? So much for friends.

[Lead image via Micha Klootwijk/Shutterstock]

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