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The 8 Best DIY Halloween Costumes on Pinterest


Halloween (well, the Saturday before Halloween, which is really the day that matters) is a mere 10 days away! I think sexy Halloween is a little overrated. I always try to have my costumes be slightly more clever than lingerie paired with mouse ears. But sometimes, it’s hard to be that clever. And of course, Pinterest has the answer.

Here are my favorite DIY costumes on Pinterest this year!

 halloween diy costume makeup-comic book. I am almost afraid to attempt it and in the middle of the party absentmindedly stracth my nose and ruin it, but def worth a try!

When all else fails– some cool make up is definitely a life saver. This comic book make up looks insane. Pair this with a classic black dress or something more clever, and you’ve got a great costume that can’t be duplicated.

 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas - My Honeys Place..cute - get your makeup and "stuff" at:

 The scare crow make up also works for a perfect outfit. Pair with overalls, straw hat, and a comfy flannel top. Voila!

 Legally blonde DIY costume ideas

Elle Woods. Classic, classic, classic. We all have some of these pieces in our closets. You can be work out Elle or lawyer Elle– just pair it with a name tag and make sure to tell everyone “I like, totally forgot you go here.”

 DIY costume

Drinks are always a great way to go. These girls are Franzia bags which is amaze. Follow the link and there are a group of Barefoot wine bottles and solo cups. Easy peasy, sure to get some laughs, and also sexy.

 Piñata DIY costume - Could do a couple's costume= me as piñata, and matt with sombrero and poncho

Pinata— adorable. Plus all those pieces of paper can hide any extra belly and I always appreciate that in my costume.

Cup of Delight: Last Minute DIY Costume Idea {Monday's Cup of Creativity}

Stop lights! Again, a cute black dress (or leggings, jackpot) paired with cut out circles. Could a costume be any easier?

Lady GaGa Bubbles Costume   #DIY #costume #halloween

This Gaga costume kills it. The bodysuit allows you to not be naked but also look extremely riskay. Don’t ask me how to sit down though, it just may not be an option for the night.

 Ninja Turtles - a lot of DIY costume ideas for groups!

 And finally, a classic with tutus. This Ninja Turtle costume is so excellent, I am really loving that they painted their bellies and added abs. The knee socks really tie the whole thing together.

What are you going to be this year??

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