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Here Are All (Most) of the Women John Mayer Has Had Sex With Over His 36 Years on Earth


I don’t know about you, but I personally never really thought John Mayer was all that attractive. Maybe it’s his greasy hair, of his unkempt look, but I just think he looks kinda dirty. Don’t get me wrong — I like a tough, masculine guy who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. But what I appreciate more is someone who can get their hands dirty…then shower after, and it always looks like John Mayer skips that crucial second step.

Since he’s been dating Katy Perry, I will say that he looks better, but still there are some days where he’s just not okay. That being said, the man’s got the voice of an angel, the ability to play the guitar like Mozart played the piano, and song writing skills like Shakespeare’s play writing skills. He’s talented to say the least. So maybe that’s why all of these drop dead gorgeous women date him? I mean, he’s got some of the most gorgeous women in the world on his list of conquests.

Today is Mr. Mayer’s 36th birthday, so to honor such a monumental event, I have compiled a list of all of his ex lovers so he can see just how wonderful the past 36 years have been.

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