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Black, White & Greek: Vice’s Doc On Sorority Racism @ University of Alabama


Today Vice released a short 10-minute documentary, Black, White & Greek, about greek sorority life at the University of Alabama. It was big news this year that two sorority’s at the University of Alabama rejected an African American student because of her race. The documentary highlights incidences of racism on campus and how the university is still dealing with micro-aggressions and de facto segregation.

Vice sums up the documentary best: “In 1963, in the midst of the heated debate over the desegregation of American schools, the University of Alabama announced that it would for the first time allow African Americans to enroll. Fifty years later, in September 2013, two University of Alabama sororities rejected an African American student because of her race. As a result, an anti-racist student group called the Mallet Assembly and other members of the community took action to prevent segregation within the university’s Greek system.”

Check it out below.

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