Bar Refaeli Isn’t a Feminist, Wants to Date Someone Big and Strong and Famous

Poor Bar Refaeli, the girl can’t seem to get a date these days. She wants to know what’s so wrong with her that men are practically repelled by her hideous physique, leaving her all by her lonesome.

In an article for the NY Daily News, Bar said she just doesn’t understand it — “I look great. I’m cool. I like going out. I like being at home, I like movies, I like eating. So what’s wrong with me? Why am I alone?”

It really is a mystery for the ages. And I certainly can relate. I LOVE eating. Yet I, too, am quite single. Why won’t anyone love me even when I have cookie crumbs all in my hair? It’s not a bad look, I promise! Don’t even get me started on the sexiness of guacamole hands! Guac fingers are practically an aphrodisiac, and when paired with my nacho breath…mmmm. Boys, just try to stay away.

Moving alon! After her split from Leonardo DiCaprio, the picture perfect model experienced an emotional fallout similar to that of any women. Refaeli doesn’t try to hide behind bravado, and instead admits that after seeing a photo with DiCaprio on a date with Blake Lively, “I suddenly choked up and I started crying uncontrollably…No one knows that I went back to my room and broke down in bitter tears. I couldn’t stop crying.”

As for what she’s looking for in a man: “I’m looking for someone serious, who I can set up home with. Someone who comes from a warm, loving family like mine, who has values like mine… I’m very interested in going out with someone who is big and strong and famous.” Yes, Bar, aren’t we all. Aren’t we all.

Perhaps the most beautiful and head-scratching sentiment of the whole piece was the following: “I’m not at all a feminist,” she says. “I don’t want him to do my dishes. I’ll do the dishes, and I’ll clean, and I’m the one who wants to stay at home with the kids in the end.”


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