The Top 16 Dance Crazes of the 90s: Do YOU Remember These?


Dance crazes are the best. We’re currently experiencing the reign of twerking and the resurgence of “the Wobble” into our dance skill set, but neither of them hold a candle to some of the great dances of the 90s, THE decade for dance crazes. Here are some of the best dance crazes, from the over exposed to the forgotten gems. Which ones do you still do?

16. Electric Slide: There’s no escaping this dance. Every social function you go to whether it be dance, wedding, or  bar mitzvah, this song will be playing. No matter how popular it is, the person next to you won’t know how to do it either-it’s the  “Electric Slide” universal law.

15. Macrena: As a 90s kid, this was the first dance I remember learning. At the time everyone did the macrena. Too bad none of us knew what it was about. Years later I learned that “Macrena” was a girl with a reputation for giving guys a good time. Childhood ruined a bit.

14. The Hammer: The “hammer” is one of those dances anyone feels like they can do. In theory it’s not hard to thrust back and forth while you stomp your feet but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong.

13. Achy Breaky Heart: Before Miley taught us all how to twerk, her daddy taught us a simpler dance–line dancing! You don’t have to rock a mullet do the simple steps but you get added style points if you do (no, you really don’t.)

12. Vogueing: Madonna popularized this underground dance craze with her smash hit, “Vogue.” I love this dance because it has levels to it. Level one would be just framing your face with your hands but as you progress it becomes more of a full body dance complete with dramatic head tosses and arm whirling.

11. The Train: Trains are a totally underappreciated form of transportation but this dance gave the machines their spot in the limelight. If you’re going to do this dance, be the conductor not the caboose. Then you get to blow the imaginary horn.

10. Humpy Dance: The dance is one of those dances that gets interpreted differently by different dancers. Put your own spin on it and own it.

9. The Jiggy: Only Will Smith is cool enough to make a dance based on shrugging your shoulders. Indifference never looked so cool.

8. Tootsie Roll: I always confused this dance with the candy when I was a kid. For some reason, I thought you’d get a tootsie roll upon successful completion of the move. I was wrong but the dance is still fun to attempt.

7. The Carlton: A dance for those who aren’t afraid to let their inner dork out! There’s a certain spaz factor required to do this dance justice but it’s still fun for all of those who attempt to embody Carlton.

6. Rump Shaker: Surpisingly, this song was number two on the Billboard charts, right after Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” I’m not surprised we don’t really remember it.

5. The Jump: This dance was always the best since the song was sung by two kids. Who better to intimidate you into jumping than some 12 year olds?

4. Slam Dancing: When I think of dance sensations, I don’t automatically think of “slam dancing,” the style of dance in which you run into the people next to you as you look down on the floor but it was pretty radical when Nirvana introduced it to the wider public. I break it out at every 90s dance, the only time it’s still acceptable.

3. Da Dip: This dance is so ridiculous and the song is no better. I love having people shout instructional dance moves out to me. We need to give this one a comeback.

2. Cotton Eye Joe: I remember learning this dance in music class back in kindergarten. Somehow a couple of Swedish guys managed to turn this American folk classic into a hyped up, dance craze.

1. The Butterfly: Since this dance has no particular song attached to it, you can bust it out at any given time. Watch the YouTube link below to master the dance (or to get a kick out of a grown man doing body rolls.)  

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