21 Things Every Girl in Her Twenties Should Have [Video]

The Internet has bombarded you with lists, columns, and more lists about everything and anything related to a twenty-something. We’re even guilty of doing that here at CollegeCandy. Twenty-somethings rule the World Wide Web so it only makes sense that we keep them relevant and entertained. Some of these lists are far-fetched and predictable, some of them are offensive and degrading. Some of them are just practical and spot on.

In this Buzzfeed video, practicality, hopefulness, and a little bit a humor surround a list of twenty-one things that every girl in her twenties should have. From a person to drunk text to the ability to feel comfortable in her own skin, this list ranges all over the place–but one thing it doesn’t stray from is the truth. As the list goes on, I just kept agreeing and saying “yes!” I need that! As a twenty-something female myself, I know that this is the age where we don’t know what the hell we want or need. Sometimes, we just need a video to help us out.

Check out the other 21 things below!

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