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GW Was Waitlisting Students Who Couldn’t Afford To Pay Tuition


George Washington admitted that they were waitlisting students who couldn’t afford to pay tuition despite explicitly stating that their admissions process was need-blind. For years now colleges have stopped deciding who gets to attend by who can afford to attend in efforts to provide equal opportunities regardless of someone’s financial background. This is great because unqualified affluent candidates would then be rejected as they should be and qualified underprivileged students would be accepted as they should be, as long as they met the school’s standards. Everyone deserves a shot at college, right?

According the GW Hatchet (a student run newspaper) the university was full of shit, “Students who meet GW’s admissions standards, but are not among the top applicants, can shift from “admitted” to ‘waitlisted’ if they need more financial support from GW. These decisions affect up to 10 percent of GW’s roughly 22,000 applicants each year, said Laurie Koehler, the newly hired associate provost for enrollment management.”

While prospective students were being told that their acceptance wouldn’t be affected by how much money their parents’ made, the school’s admissions webpage was being slowly edited to change their “need-aware,” policy. The bottom line is, GW just can’t afford to accept and offer aid to as many students that deserve to go. Considering the student loan crisis, maybe being told no when you can’t afford to attend a university is tough love that’s good for you?

“By being need-aware, GW is better able to stay within its aid budget allotment as well as provide better aid packages for those students with financial need,”Associate Vice President for Financial Assistance Dan Small said.

What do you think? Is this policy fair or does it discriminate against those who need financial aid?

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