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The Benefits of Going Through a Sexual Dry Spell


You never realize how much sex you used to have until you aren’t having sex. Whether you’re choosing to refrain from the act all together, or just don’t have any prospects as of right now, one’s mental state during a dry spell is dramatic.

You’ll think about it when it rains, because of the lyrics of a song, or when a steamy scene graces your television. Do I even still have it?

There’s no argument that those of you with constant sex receive great health benefits. It can count as a workout. (I bet you’d be more willing to sexercise than to head to the gym three times a week.) You’re glowing, so you automatically look happier. But there are also some benefits to those of you living out there in the desert.  

Our friends at YourTango make not getting any action seem pretty cool. Aside from the obvious absence of pregnancy scares, you’ll have less drama and your self-worth will increase.

” Once you remove those “others” from the situation, you’ll find that your insecurities will be less, and you’ll learn to love yourself on your terms.” Beautiful.

[Lead image via Gelia /Shutterstocks]

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