Yoga for the Upper Body That’s BETTER than A Bicep Workout! [CC’s ShapeU]

What’s the best way to sculpt lean, toned arms? The obvious answer would be turning to standard strength training moves, like the bicep curl, for an upper body routine. But what if we’re looking to be a little unconventional, and, well, a lot less boring? Keep it interesting and give yoga a try!

It’s no secret that lifting weights will build muscle, but what if you could get an even better upper body workout with no equipment, and work on the rest of your physique as you do it? Yoga is the best of both worlds! It’s the perfect way to target the muscles of the upper body while also giving the rest of your body a challenging workout! Because yoga utilizes your body weight to make you stronger and more sculpted, it’s more challenging than a regular free-weight routine, and will help make you functionally stronge, too! And, you get the added bonus of the toning benefits of yoga, helping to elongate muscles and stretching them to improve flexibility!

Try this yoga routine that will target the arms and shoulders!

The routine takes seven minutes, and will give you the right amount of upper body TLC! Try it in addition to other yoga routines, or as a compliment to your favorite cardio workout!

Get the Perfect Workout for Your Body Type! [CC’s ShapeU]
Get the Perfect Workout for Your Body Type! [CC’s ShapeU]
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