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Reddit Remembers the Worst Parts of the 90s. RIP Perfect Memories.


Having been around you CollegeCandy readers for quite some time now, I know few things get you more excited than a mere mention of the 90s. And I understand — I was a 90s kid too. Nothing topped watching TGIF with your friends on a Friday night while sippin’ on a Kool-Aid Burst and eating those delicious cheez doodle heads. A trip to the mall with $20 to spend at the Limited Too was a dream come true. Butterfly clips were the height of fashion, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas owned all our heart. *Le sigh*

The 90s were a happy, safe place that we look back on with nothing but fondness. But let’s talk about the oft forgotten darker moments of the decade…

ForToday said:

“Get off the internet, I need to use the phone.”

CactusRape said:

Dial-Up. The grinding modem sound, getting booted off, adhering to phone schedules. We were pioneers.

meatbalz said:

Setting aside wars, the economy and such… The quality of Disney movies gradually declining over the 90s. I know it depends on personal taste, but the decade kicked off with Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin and ended with Tarzan. All great movies, but to me they’re worlds apart.

EDIT: obviously I was a kid throughout most of that decade.

southernnorthman said:

Calling a girl and her dad answering the phone.

bearded_bastard said:

the fall of TGIF. kids these day will never understand

wander700 said:

SNICK being cancelled.

christiansi1 said:

As a kid in the 90’s this was the worst: When just about to watch a movie and some asshole forgot to rewind the tape.

notsokoolaid said:

Trying to come up with a good away message on AIM.

Grindstone50k said:




StickleyMan said:

Body suits. Those shirts that girls wore that looked like a regular tank top, but snapped up around the va-jayjay. So there you’d be, playing seven minutes in heaven at Ryan Chen’s party. And things are going damn well. You’re making out with this cute girl (fuck, she’s a real live girl! That’s all that matters here!) and you feel like you can make the move to go under-the-shirt. So, eyes closed, lips locked, tongues battling, pubescent boner turgid and happy, and where the fuck does this shirt end??. What’s this? A snap at the bottom; a built-in, early 90’s chastity belt. Because let’s face it, touching some boob was one thing, but diving in down below was a whole other level. A girl had to really really like you to let you do that. And with the goddamn body suit, it was all or none. If you were getting tit, you were also doing some fingerbanging. And, almost always, you got the Heisman armbar when you went to unsnap – “Oh no! No no. Not that. I’m not ready.” Fucking bodysuits.

TL;DR Bodysuits were the bane of a boy’s existence

blinner said:

The Macarena. It was everywhere and we all hated it– yet we all did it. I bet I still know it… … … Yep. Confirmed. I still know it.

S0PES said:

For me the worst thing was when other kids would tell me they’d only play pogs if it was “for keepsies.” Then they’d bust out their 1 megaton slammer, drop it, and the entire stack would instantly flip over, face up. No tiddlywinks needed 😦

thehonestyfish said:

Y2K. All that panic because some nutjobs thought it was going to be the end of the world.

Thank God we never had to go through anything like that ever again.

thosegoldenspasms said:

Will Smith, ‘Wild Wild West’ both the film and the song.

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