5 Rom-Coms That Don’t Actually Suck


We all love a good rom-com every now and then (or, if you’re like me, maybe a little more than every now and then). The beauty of the romantic comedy is that it is a full-on love story, with just the right amount of chaos and dysfunction, all tied up into a neat 90-minute package complete with a happy ending. They’re easy to watch, but also oftentimes contain unfortunately corny jokes and very clichéd stories.

But despite all of their flaws, romantic comedies can be some of the most entertaining movies to watch. They are uplifting, usually feature a good number of good-looking male actors, and allow us to project all of our false boyfriend expectations onto a fictional character (hi, Noah from The Notebook). So, for all of those people who may tell you that rom-coms are too corny or dumb to be good movies, here is a list of rom-coms that don’t actually suck!

1. Sleepless in Seattle


2. When Harry Met Sally


3. 50 First Dates


4. Never Been Kissed


5. Crazy Stupid Love


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