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Pauly D and 8 More Celebrity Love Child Scandals


Pauly D, of Jersey Shore fame, just found out he had a love child. You know what? There have been a lot of celebrity love child “scandals,” in the news lately between Pauly D, Owen Wilson and Simon Cowell, you have to wonder why these famous men don’t use protection? Accidents happen I suppose, and they can happen to famous people too.

After having a one night stand with 25-year-old Amanda Markert in Las Vegas, she became pregnant with his daughter. Pauly D didn’t find out until, well, we did. He and Amanda don’t exactly get along to say the  least. Pauly doesn’t believe Amanda is a “fit mother,” which is a massive accusation considering he didn’t know the baby existed until a few weeks ago.

Pauly D’s Baby Mama

According to TMZ, “Pauly wants some sort of custody of his daughter — but the level of custody is unclear.  Sources say Pauly has not seen the child, who was born in May, but obviously he’s looking to change that. We’re also told the baby mama is demanding child support … and even though Pauly says he’s ready and willing to step up and take care of the kid financially … he feels like she’s treating the kid like a winning lottery ticket.  Exhibit A … the woman recently posed the baby in a high chair that’s covered in $100 bills.”

His Adorable Baby, Questionably Covered Benjamins

Sucks that the child has to go through this but on a positive note, at just 5 months old, she probably won’t remember any of it. While it’s unfortunate that some of the children on this list were the products of infidelity (because it’s just generally terrible to betray a spouse), in most cases the father or mother has stepped up to the game and welcomed the child with open arms. There’s no such thing as the perfect family, as much as television sitcoms have tried to convince us everyone has a mom, a dad, a brother or sister, and a cute 18-month-old sibling with comedic timing we all know that isn’t true. Many of us are raised by single parents, some are adopted, some raised by aunts or grandparents, some of us are “love children,” orphans or bastards like Jon Snow—which ever way anyone has come to be doesn’t matter, what matters is what we make of ourselves, there is no predestination based upon conception. Some of these celebs should move forward with caution but none of their children should be shamed for what their parents have done.

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