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Justin Bieber Pumpkins: Top 10 Best Halloween Pumpkins


Justin Bieber stans and Halloween are two of my favorite things so I figured why not combine them? Celebrity fans can be intense sometimes but there are none other like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber stans who are quick to pull the trigger on anyone with an inkling of negativity directed at their king or queen. I understand loving something that much, I stan for Britney and while I can enjoy making fun of my Godney, for someone who is really young (and possibly lacks tact) viciously diving into a fandom can be a whole lot of fun because you get friends, creativity and community out of it.

Those three things can breed only one beautiful thing: fan art. On holidays that means all kinds of random, crafty, Justin Bieber-themed projects from stans that are both exceptionally creative and exceptionally not. 

10. What even? 

What even is this? You did not even carve. That nose is just a line. His hair is not blond. WHAT EVEN IS THIS?

9. Is This Even A Pumpkin?

You said it was a pumpkin but it looks like an orange. You get a few more points because his hair is the correct color and cut but wow, he looks more like Haley Joel Osment than Justin Bieber.

8. You Tried

You attempted. You put a knife to a pumpkin. I can RECOGNIZE that it is Justin Bieber. You tried but you just didn’t have the skills to win.

7. It’s . . . Artistic.

This is like a Picasso, deconstructed, Justin Bieber. His face is split in two, is that a metaphor for comedy and tragedy?

6. Nice Try

Yeah, it looks good but you just stamped some ink on a pumpkin so, I will not be fooled!

5. You’re Getting There

Lots of detail. I can almost see each strand of his hair. Loving that I can even remember which picture this was inspired from. Look at that hoodie.

4. He Plays The Violin

The  level of skill here is quite good and we love the bang details but the addition of that bootleg guitar takes away points.

3. Damn, Son.

You can see the shine in that swooshy hair. The pumpkin was carved from the inside to perfectly highlight each detail. oooOOOOoo. Now this is talent.

2. Ooh, Ooh, Baby, Ooh

One of The Biebz more recent hair weaves. Got to love the bright highlighting and look of profound sadness.

1. The Heartbreaker

This Justin Bieber is looking fine. Check out the shading around his chiseled jaw and the halo around his head to remind us of his godlike status among tween stans.

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