Teen Poets Slam On Why Girls Should Be Monsters Instead Of Sexy Pizzas This Halloween

Whoa! You MUST watch this poetry slam of four young women discussing sexy Halloween costumes in the Brave New Voices Grand Slam Finals. The Youth Speaks competition brings teenage poets center stage as they slam about what’s important to them.

The poem starts with the girls shopping at a costume store only to find that the nurse or Wonder Woman costume they wanted looks more like a stripper outfit than a costume. The girls then realize that perhaps it’s society’s fear of a woman monster—a woman who can really do evil—is the reason why we sexify everything from carbs to comic book characters. It’s society’s discomfort of a woman who steps outside of cultural expectations of purity, passiveness and gentility that makes it difficult to imagine any woman as a monster because a monster has power.

It’s far easier to sexually objectify women. Objectification strips women of their power by transferring it to the beholder who then renders control of her image and body. They give us women little choice but to “dress like sluts” then they slut shame us for playing the only game that exists. But you said this is how I’m supposed to be, now you’re mad about it? 

The four crazy smart, articulate girls mix in a little bit of Jay Z’s verse from Kanye’s hit single, “Monster,”  to make the poem even more flaw free. What I love about this is that they are able to discuss a serious issue like sexual objectification and sexy outfits without falling into the trap of slut-shaming others. They also do it with a sense of humor, wit and sharp intellect.

Brave New Voices is actually airing on HBO the performances are all available on Youtube!


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