Q+A with Kurt Hugo Schneider to Celebrate the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show and the AMAs!

The American Music Awards are coming up on November 24th, and Coca-Cola is getting in on the action by hosting the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show. The biggest names in music will be there, and Coke is pulling out all the stops to make sure you feel like you’re right there on the red carpet. The multi-talented Kurt Hugo Schneider is composing the official soundtrack for the pre-show with YOUR help. All fans will have the opportunity to vote for a different element of the song, making the final result truly a group effort!

To get amped up for the American Music Awards and the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show, we sat down with Kurt for a really fun Q+A!

CollegeCandy: As a musician, is it tough to give artistic control to the voters in the AHH Studio, or do you enjoy the element of surprise each week when votes come in?

Kurt Hugo Schneider: As an artist I love trying new things and I love challenges. This is a new way for me to create music, and so I enjoy this approach. I’m looking forward to listening to the final product.

CC: Let’s get your professional opinion — is there anyone you think is absolutely going to sweep the AMAs this year? Are there any underdogs you hope pull ahead of big name acts?

KHS: I have no idea! There are so many great artists that are nominated. But, having said that, I think Macklemore and Ryan Lewis will deservedly have a big night.

CC: Like most of our readers, I’ve seen the “Cups” YouTube video you did for Coca-Cola, and I have to know — how many retakes did you have to do before everyone got through the song without mistakes? It’s incredible!

KHS: You lose track of the number of takes, and we think more in terms of hours. CUPS took three hours to get a take we liked. We just stopped, because I had to go to another shoot. When we looked at the takes later that day, there were a few takes that were pretty incredible.

CC: A few months back, College Candy was given the change to indulge in a spa day of Ahh-mazing proportions and it completely centered us! Since the AHH Effect is all about taking a moment to enjoy life’s pleasures, what was your go-to “AHH” activity to relax in college?

KHS: Well, let’s see. My Ahhhh activity…..hummmmmm….Couple of things I really enjoyed. On Tuesday nights I would go play bridge late at night, being kinda nerdy. There were some amazingly good players. And, I always enjoyed playing chess. There were two really good players at my College.

CC: We wholeheartedly believe that college is a time for finding yourself and having a ton of fun while doing so. In that vein — do you have any crazy or embarrassing college memories that you’re willing to ‘fess up to?

KHS: Well, one story really comes to mind here. I didn’t know that I had a mid-exam in a class, because I didn’t go to class much. The night before I was working on a video until about 10 am, and then later learned that the exam was a 8:30… ooppsss. ..I almost didn’t graduate because of this. I think the video was the Moonlight Sonata played on Crockenspiel. The video came out really nicely.

The voting for Ahh Studio will end Oct 31, so be sure to cast your votes before the deadline! Keep in mind, everyone who votes on Coke’s AHH site is automatically entered to win a grand prize trip for two to the American Music Awards to be present at the digital pre-show.

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