How To Stay Safe When You’re Partying This Halloween

Some of you will be celebrating Halloween this weekend, next weekend or the day of. Belligerence is bound to happen whether that’s you getting crazy wasted or the people around you. I don’t mean to cramp your style but let’s get real, safety is first. We may not want to think about it but you don’t want yourself or anyone you know to end up in physical harm however those chances increase when folks get drunk en masse.

1.) Safety In Numbers: You’re less likely to get hurt when you travel in a pack. People are less likely to assault or initiate an altercation with you when you’re with someone else. On top of that, having one or two people get your back is a great buddy system to keep you out of trouble.

2.) Have A Buddy System: Don’t leave without the people you came with unless they let you know they’ve made arrangements to get home safe.

3.) Know That Judgments Will Be Impaired: If your friend seems too drunk to be making decisions, don’t shrug it off as her being a hot mess. When your friend is falling over drunk or slurring her words, at least try to get her home safe. She may want to go off with some guy or some other group of people. Well, tell her to get his number instead then, when she is sober, she can decide if she really wants to see him. It’s one thing if you’re friend is having tipsy fun, it’s another when she can barely stand up.

4.) Have A Designated Driver: This goes without saying. Do not drive drunk. Do not let your personal hubris cause you to kill someone or yourself.

5.) Label Your Cup: Don’t leave your cup lying around or accidentally drink from someone else’s cup. People do drugs. People put drugs in drinks. Do not make the mistake of accidentally drinking a cup of heroin (a cup of heroin is a ridiculous example, I know) or giving someone the opportunity to put a drug in your drink by leaving it unattended.

6.) Discuss Rules Beforehand: Don’t get all up in your friend’s face when they are being belligerently drunk or expect your friends to look after you when you haven’t discussed it first. Decide how you’re going to stay safe and how your buddy system is going to work before the drinking even begins.

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