Study Finds Women Are Happiest at a Size 12, So Eat That Cookie Butter, Giiirl

A new study out of England has revealed that 74% of size 16 women (that’s a US 12) are happy with their appearance. This is nearly double that of UK size 6 women — only 42% of them qualify themselves as pleased with their shape The study revealed that 52% smaller women feel a lustier endowment of curves would amp up their sexiness and help them to look better in clothing. Size 12 ladies, on the other hand, cited being the most comfortable in their own skin, experiencing a boost in body confidence and feeling good about the way clothes fit.

All this comes in the face of media and society beating into women that smaller is better. It is a rare occasion on which a plus-size celebrity graces the cover of a magazine. (And, side note, why do we even qualify women of a certain size as “plus-size” when thin women do not carry any labels that comment on their size?) Red carpets exist almost exclusively for waifish women — with critics so eagerly waiting to tear down women who are larger than a size 2; again, the term “plus-size” crops up, but almost as an excuse. “Well she’s plus-size, so I’m sure her clothing options were limited.” “For a plus-size woman, she did a good job putting together her look.” The term “plus-size” will never not mean someone who is lesser.

So yes, it is refreshing and reaffirming that women are able to rise above this bullshit and embrace their shape, especially when they fall outside the range of what the media’s idea of perfection happens to be. I’m by no means endorsing the sentiment that all women should wish to be bigger; that’s not my point at all. I firmly believe that women come in all shapes and sizes, and accepting the body that you have naturally is what’s important. Should we always strive to be healthy? Yes. Should we make the effort to change the little things we don’t like about ourselves? Sure, so long as you’re doing it because you want or because it’s in your health’s best interest. But should we partake in crazy diets, starve ourselves to become thinner, binge eat to get those Beyonce-like curves? No, that’s just foolish. (Though I would never fault you for wanting to be like Beyonce, real talk.)

What’s important is that we all make strides to learn to love ourselves. Because you’re the only one who’s with you until the end.

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