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7 Types Of Guys You’ll Hook Up With In College


The dating world can be a jungle. But the dating world in college is a whole different league. Only in college will you get the chance to meet and date a huge variety of guys — all in one place! From the hot junior conducting school tours, the captain of the hockey team, to the mysterious guy in your Anthropology class, you’ll meet all sorts of guys in college. Yeah you won’t date every single type of guy in college, but here are the few you probably will.

1. The Athlete

Sure he wears a sweat suit around campus and gives his teammates a little ‘pat pat’ on the bum, but he also has a body that’ll make you drool (aka you’ll never have sex with the lights off again!). Yeah he lives on a diet of Subway sandwiches and Gatorade, but what else do you think can explain that stamina? You’ll be donning his jersey in the stands while he lights up the scoreboard, but you might also be the hot topic in the locker room.

2. The Foreign Exchange Student

One word: accents. Who else could make that cheesy pick up line sound so sexy? Not to mention dirty talk! Whether he’s from Sweden or Spain, there’s just something about foreign guys. He’ll help you ace your intro to German class and share those cool-but-scary looking chocolate bars in his care package. Sure there might be a language barrier but there’s one language that’s universal: body language.

3. The Nerd

He might be slightly inexperienced but you can bet he’ll put in 100% to any task and will study the hell out of your pullout Cosmo sex tip booklet. He’ll be your sidekick in Trivial Pursuit and have your back in COD. You’ll actually have stimulating conversations…oh and did you know the brain is your biggest sex organ? And got a problem with your MacBook? Problem solved.

4. The Senior

He’s cool. He’s experienced. He’s mature. Okay, well maybe he’s only a tad more mature than the fresh out of high school guys on campus. He’ll bring you to all the crazy rowdy party houses around campus and tell you which classes to take and avoid. He can make a real meal — none of this box mac & cheese all week business. He has the low down on which ‘special of the night’ to avoid in the cafeteria, and probably lives off campus…no more single beds! He’s probably just looking for fun (it is senior year!), but who can resist a little fun?

5. The Guy You Kinda Knew In High School

Maybe he was your lab partner in grade 9 or his locker was across the hall from yours. You sign each others yearbooks with the generic “have a great summer!” message every year, but don’t really know each other that well. If you moved away for college and feel a little homesick, he’ll be that familiar face to turn your frown upside down. If things go well, then great! But if they don’t, you won’t be able to avoid each other when you both go home for the holidays.

6. The Douchebag

He’s probably really really really good looking. Like really good looking. He’s pretty cocky, but hey that’s how all guys are like right? Things will start off swimmingly, but then you’ll detour to dating hell. He won’t text you back. He won’t call when he says he will. He’s the guy Carrie Underwood warned you about and the ones Taylor Swift writes songs about (…okay maybe not all of them). He’ll be the one to make you question yourself: Am I pretty enough? (Yes you are!) Smart enough? (Yes you are!). When you finally kick this one to the curb, you’ll probably vow to never date again!

7. The One You’ll Really Like

He’ll make you feel like other guy has felt before. He’ll make you laugh, smile, and want to be the best version of yourself. He’s not the perfect guy — you’ll argue once in a while , but will you two will always make up. He respects you and you respect him. He might be your first serious relationship. He might be the first one you say those three words too. Things might last, or things might end. But either way he’ll be that one guy you won’t forget.

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