Attention Grown Men: You Should Probably Have All These Things

TLC sang about not wanting any “scrubs.” They were just those kind of dudes who were like, 30 years old with no job or car. We have all dated a guy like that before. He lives with 5 roommates, has a framed Simpsons poster in his room and doesn’t own one clean guest towel. We tolerate it because they’re in a band and have a nice beard, but are they really “grown up”? A grown ass man needs to have some essential things if he ever expects to get laid in this day and age.

For example, if you live in an area where car is 100% needed to live life, you should probably invest in one. A job would also be nice. Maybe even a throw pillow or two. Many women can be shallow and picky when it comes to men (but hi, men can be too!), and so when we say we’d prefer a guy with a job, we get called high maintenance. All we’re asking for is that you don’t wear Reebox to dinner with our parents.

In this Buzzfeed video, an informative but understandable list of things that every grown man should have helps us ladies try to convey to men what we’ve been trying to for generations. Check it out below!


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