The Final Catching Fire Trailer Is Here.

The final Catching Fire trailer is here and Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) is looking fresh to death as she and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) roll through the Capitol in fashionable flames. In the Hunger Games sequel, Katniss becomes a catalyst for social change as she leads a rebellion against the Capitol to free the citizen’s of Panem from the oppression of President Snow.

Jennifer Lawrence dished on what Katniss is going though at Comic-Con, “She’s struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder after the games while living in Victor’s Village, where she never wants for food, and feels useless. She’s adapting to a new life.”

I wasn’t all that impressed with the first film because I thought it suffered from poor direction. A combination of shaky cameras and detached scenes made it hard to connect with Katniss and empathize with her unless you were already fan of the book. However this second film looks epic in magnitude and also ditched Gary Ross as the director for Francis Lawrence. Get excited for Catching Fire which comes out November 22nd. There will be fashion, Stanley Tucci’s crazy weave, Josh Hutcherson’s hips, Finnick’s nips and a lot of stoic, longings for something morezzzz.

The buzz around the second film doesn’t feel as intense for the first Hunger Games so let’s start that fire because I love Jennifer Lawrence and strong female protagonist.

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