Perv Student Arrested For Stealing 100 Bras At ECU

An East Carolina University student was arrested for stealing around 100 bras from local ladies (other chicks in his dormitory). While the pervert and thief was clearly prolific none of his victims were notified of his arrest or reimbursed while some don’t feel comfortable doing their laundry knowing someone is snooping through their undergarments.

“I don’t want to do my laundry anymore because it sucks having to sit there the whole time worrying about whether or not someone is going to take your clothes,” said Caroline Frigault, a victim of the “bra bandit.”

Frigault told The East Carolinian that she found out about the arrest through the grapevine at White Residence Hall, where the incident took place. She said, “Police had been walking around White and they found a guy in White who had over 100 bras in his room he had been stealing. The guy was kicked out of the dorm and charged with theft.”

The only motivation for stealing bras on such a grand scale has to be a sexual. I seriously doubt this guy is hoarding bras to bring to poor braless children or trying to build the strangest fort in history or working on a really weird art project . . . Every time I do my laundry at the 24-hour laundromat down the street I always leave with less underwear than I came with. I just assumed this kind of thing was par for the course. It’s a pervy, weird world out there, ladies. Protect your undergarments.

Washers at ECU have locks but dryers do not, making garments available to any kind of bra bandit or serial pooper.

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