What’s the Best Halloween Candy of All Time? FINAL ROUND

The end is nigh, y’all. The final round of voting is upon us, leaving only one opponent in the way of finding out the official best Halloween candy of all time. You’ve spoken and we’ve subsequently watched some of our favorite Halloween treats fall out of the running. It was certainly a sad day when Cookies n’ Cream clobbered the oh-so-classic Candy Corn.

So who are the last two candies standing? None other than Reese’s Cups and those infamously sour then sweet Sour Patch Kids. Here in the CC office, we’re all banking on Reese’s to sweep the competition, but hey — we’ve been wrong before.

Take a look at all the progress that’s been made since Round 1, and then cast your vote below!

Click the bracket to see it full-size…

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