10 Must-Have Products For Every Girl’s Purse

Well, it’s finally fall in the South. For me that means breaking out my new boots, old sweaters and my favorite autumn purse. Whenever I switch purses, I am, obviously, required to empty out the old one. This means a chance to start over, and it allows me to take inventory of what I absolutely must keep in my purse for this season.

Here are the top 10 products you must have in your purse:

1. Reliable Chapstick. It is imperative that you always have a soothing chapstick on hand, especially in the winter! For me, something basic and reliable works the best. I recently stumbled upon this Hydration Lock, and it is now with me at all times.

2. Gum or Mint. This is necessary for the obvious reasons — after a particularly smelly lunch, or after your morning coffee. You can’t get through the rest of your day with absolutely no breath fresher. But more importantly, what happens when you finally meet your soul mate outside the office or class and you start kissing immediately because it’s love, and you don’t have a mint? Is it a long shot, sure. But I’m going to be prepared.

3. Bold Lipstick. Because nothing pulls your look together like a powerful lip at a moment’s notice. It’s the easiest make-up to carry around, and it adds an UMPH when you need it the most. Currently I always have a Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid in my purse. They’re super bold, fun and last quite a while.

4. Perfume Roller. Honestly, even a small stick of deodorant would be recommended here. Something to freshen up your scent in the middle of the day, or at the end of the work day on your way to drinks. Also, it’s cheaper and just as effective as buying a whole bottle of perfume. I always have a roller ball of Viva La Juicy with me. But whatever your scent, they’re sure to have a travel size!

5. Mineral Veil. Or a similar touch up product, but for me Mineral Veil is the ultimate. I don’t have time or space to be carrying around my entire make up bag. But having this magical powder with me allows me to touch up quickly before post-work drinks or on a particularly sweaty day at the office.

6. Tampon.¬† Yes, singular. It’s like a crime against women to not have a tampon with you at all times. For emergencies or for that moment when the other girl in the bathroom really, really needs one– and you are the hero! Tampon karma is the best karma.

7. A Snack. Yes, a snack. Because you never know how much time you’re going to have between obligations and drinking or a work out– and it’s always important to keep that belly full! Plus, it saves you from spending $10 on a Starbucks “snack” when you are so hungry you just can’t stand it anymore.

8. Make Up Remover. Along with keeping your face fresh during the day, it’s important to have something in your purse that can remove all those products when you need it most. Whether it’s a surprise sleep over, or removing your make up before a work out– these are great to have around. I tend to gravitate towards the Yes To¬†products. They are super cheap (these 30 wipes are a mere $5.99) but they are also gentle and very effective.

9. Book / Note Book. Because life isn’t all about looking good. I always like to have a book or a note book in my bag for long commutes, or for when I find myself at a coffee shop on lunch break. A place to write down any thoughts you may have, to-do lists, love letters– whatever the case may be, it’s best to have this available.

10. Baby Umbrella. I can’t express enough how important this is. Ever have those days when it’s sunny, sunny in the morning, but then there’s a hurricane at 5, right as you’re walking home from work or class? No longer fear these moments– carry a baby umbrella! Target has the most adorable Bubble Umbrellas (bumbrellas?) for very cheap.

These are my top 10 must have purse products. What are some of yours??

[Lead image via Denys Kurbatov/Shutterstock]

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