Scary Scopes: October 28th – November 3rd, Plus Your Sign’s Theme Song and Ideal Halloween Costume

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

“The call of death is a call of love. Death can be sweet if we answer it in the affirmative, if we accept it as one of the great eternal forms of life and transformation.” -Hermann Hesse

Aries and Aries Rising: To harness the potential of this week you’ll need to appreciate the mud that the lotus grows out of. It’s OK if you feel more like mud and less like a lotus at the moment, you’ll get there. The new moon in Scorpio is rooting in the dark, damp and dangerous quarters of your 8th house, just in time for Halloween. You are also getting rewired, rebooted and recharged- life is exciting if not completely startling in its freak-outedness. We tend to think of self-realization as a jaunt through spiritual summer camp, but the truth is a little more shocking than what is advertised at your run of the mill yoga adventure. I’m not saying that fun, joy and play aren’t important now; they are life savers, but this moment has a little more weight to it. I recommend watching some footage of your Aries cousin, Russell Brand, for some innovative, inspirational and evocative commentary on the state of the union- but more than his politics (which I heart), I want you to see a person fully express themselves without the kind of reflexive fear that most of us are bound in. This kind of courage is here for you to harness and the more you embrace your inner wild-child the better. You’re big enough now to make fun of the bullies and inventive enough to get away with it.

Best costume ideas: Any revolutionary or a lotus, mud and all

Your Theme Song:

Taurus and Taurus Rising: How can you love if you are not present? To love is to witness others, ourselves and the world around us in every moment. How can you experience being loved if you are not willing to be witnessed, to be experienced or to be taken in by another? When we are present for another in any capacity, we are open to be both a source of healing for others and to be healed by them. Often, when things are challenging, painful and frightening we want to suffer alone, we want to push others away, we want to endure in silence and isolation and in this state it’s almost impossible to ask for help. But we are social creatures, we need each other and we need to know how to safely open to the folks around us. We cannot demand, coerce or abuse our position if we want to experience compassion and connection; we have to learn ways of opening to ourselves, to the moment and to our surroundings, steadily. This week may tempt you to close down, shut off and turn away, but that would be the easy way out. Instead of your old ways of relating to difficulty, I encourage you to remember that this week is about setting patterns, lasting patterns of how you would like to be present in your relationships, how you want to think about relationships and how you want to show up in them.

Halloween costume: A famous lover of your choice

Your Theme Song:

Gemini and Gemini Rising: I am sure that you are a little bored of my single focused approach to your horoscopes lately, but I promise it’s not me! I’m just the messenger. Yes, we are still on the topic of working the details, cleaning cinder blocks and running around in circles. You could dress up as a monk for Halloween in hopes to absorb by osmosis acceptance and a mindful, joyous approach to completing tasks. You could also dress up as an empowered Cinderella with an army of mutant mice and magic brooms ready to storm the castle demanding that equal work deserves equal pay. One thing is for certain; your approach to the details, the work, your health or the harder more elements of your daily life is the most important place to focus on for the week. Perhaps this is it; perhaps we actually have zero control over our lives. Maybe there’s no real way to pass the test or get it right, maybe everything that is happening at this moment is exactly what’s supposed to be happening. Short of doing your work to the very best of your ability all you need to do is stress way less and think of more inventive ways to approach the work in front of you. Remember this is a new moon, Mercury retrograde and an eclipse (not to mention Uranus Square Pluto) so the opportunity to review the old and set new patterns in terms of how you want to approach the more tedious parts of your life is present. Doing the things we need to do is actually way easier than resisting them.

Halloween costume: I’d go with Cinderella and her motley crew if I were you….

Your Theme Song:

Cancer and Cancer Rising: Mostly we want to be free, to play, to express joy and to experience the moment, though many of us have lost our way to this simple, spontaneous way of experiencing life. Constantly rushing onto the next busy venture, we end up missing the moments that are our lives, but I promise you nothing is going to calm down any time soon so you may as well slow your roll internally so you can be present for what is happening now. Frolicking in the sun isn’t exactly the easiest thing for you at the moment though, I will give you that. It’s not that you don’t want to get in the sandbox, it’s just that there is so much to do before you can get there, or spending too much time there has too many consequences you aren’t willing to face. Work is amping up and you need to be on top of your game so you can catch the fastballs coming at you. So the question is, how can you have more joy within the limitations that you are currently in? The new moon is rooting in your 5th house of play, fun, love and romance making this the least likely time that you will get away with anything sneaky on any of those fronts. Toying with another’s emotions will backfire, like immediately, and if not immediately it’s likely to cause some major muckety-muck down the line. Crumple your sheets with the ones who you are on a level playing field with and who are worth the time spent ironing post encounter.

Halloween costume: Some king of superhero you loved as a child or making up your own-preferable one that is moody, complex and totally imperfect.

Your Theme Song:

Leo and Leo Rising: There’s just a little extra that you need to get to before you can move on. The latest onslaught of digging up, replanting, re-rooting and reworking your stories about the past isn’t done, yet. I know that you may be tired, and just to be clear I am all for naps, but the next week is holding you to this one (possibly painful) spot that seems to be an echo of something long ago. What is bothering you? What has you weeping in the aisles of your neighborhood groceria? I’d look to your private life, your current home life or issues that are lingering about the bond or lack thereof with your parents. It’s a perfect time to get clear about emotional boundaries in all of these domains and dealing with aging parents, moving locations or a total upheaval of your physical home space may be a guest at the party. One idea that I would like to give you to meditate on and recite as much as possible is, “catch and release”. It’s wonderful to be so conscious as to catch the feeling, emotion or insight as it happens and it’s equally wonderful to release it just as easily. You aren’t the repository for your family garbage, you don’t have to hold anything for anyone-in fact it does them no good, much less you. It’s sometimes scary to let go of what we are so used to holding, especially when it’s for others, but you need the extra space. You are laying the foundations to build a great monument to your life and there simply isn’t any extra room that you have to lend out for storage.

Halloween costume: Undead Architect

Your Theme Song:

Virgo and Virgo Rising: If you have never messed about with the tarot then I think it’s high time that you go out and grab yourself a deck. Just go to any witchy-poo store (yes that’s their official name) and take a gander at the million different decks available and pick the one that speaks to you the most. One of the most important things to remember about tarot cards is that they are cards and they are meant to be played. Give them a good shuffle (use you Virgo sorting powers to make sure that they are well scrambled) and then pick one and don’t read what it means, just sit with your impression of it. What’s your first impression when you look at it? What does it remind you of? What feeling does it evoke when you sit with it? Then, if you must, read its meaning but don’t be swayed if it’s completely different from what you got from it. When you are done, wrap the cards in a silk scarf or pouch for protection. Pick a card every morning for yourself and go back to it at night and see if it had some resonance with what you just experienced. The astrology is pointing to the fact that there are very specific signs around you right now, tarot is just one way of listening, and there are pictures so it’s less threatening. I would be remiss if I didn’t take the opportunity to remind you about your recent horoscopes, as this week is a kind of culmination of the lessons that I have been ranting about for the past few weeks. Yes, your words, thoughts, attitudes and especially unconscious beliefs are even more powerful/effective/obvious than usual. This is the perfect time to refuse the reflex to complain and to instead trust that each piece of your day is unfolding exactly as you need. When the darker goblins of your mind get a hold of your idea-making machine just hold the moment with a compassionate awareness, take notes and remain conscious about how your mind is using you and then grab the reigns as soon as you can. Steer yourself to safety and remember that magic is afoot and either the cards or something else will be guiding you through this very exciting and mysterious time.

Halloween costume: Modern Day Psychic/Wizard equipped with a portable bah humbug composter.

Your Theme Song:

Libra and Libra Rising: It’s more important to congratulate yourself on the work that you have done at the end of the day than it is to lament about the work that wasn’t done exactly right. It’s also imperative to planet seeds for the things you desire most with a tremendous amount of faith rather than planting only what is practical. Practical is good, it’s great even, but it’s not the whole deal. I’d even go so far as to quote the dude who spoke of having the faith of a mustard seed, it does not take much and yet it takes something to believe your goals into being. Do what you can to cultivate and feed your faith in yourself. Like we spoke about last week, I still want you to keep your eye on your finances and any emotional issues that you may have in regards to them. Things could start to get hectic at home and that thing that your partner does that drives you nuts could start to drive you even nuttier. Or perhaps you meet someone this week that shakes you to your core, rocks your world and stirs some sense into you. Either way, relationships are bringing up issues about what you value and how you demonstrate that valuing. Focus on what is exciting, interesting and inventive about your partners and celebrate the differences between you.

Halloween costume: Seed Bank

Your Theme Song:

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising: It’s not always easy to remember that we are so much more than this body, this personality and this incarnation. In the face of economic insecurity, racial injustice, environmental degradation, mass evictions due to the sweeping and devastating effects of gentrification, where is the space to feel spiritually well, whole and intact? Practice my friends, practice. Your job this week as the light of the moon grows ever more dim and the veils between worlds ever more thin, is to remember that this is all just a game, a very important, meaningful and silly game with stakes that are ridiculously high in present time. As the week draws to a close there will be a solar eclipse/new moon in your sign and as you well know, your people are talented at dealing with The End. Death, we all do it yet we all pretend we won’t have to, thankfully there are a million tiny ways to die before the big finale. Every time we accept life on life’s terms, every time we truly and deeply listen to the person in front of us and every time we surrender to what is, our ego dies a little. Every time we close our eyes and focus on our breath, every time we open our eyes and keep our awareness in the present moment and every time we let ourselves be halted by the beauty that surrounds us despite the devastation that accompanies it, our ego dies a little. Every time we let a sorrow that has been buried deep down in the recesses of our heart rise up like a plant seeking the light, we open our hearts a little more and give into our ego a little less. Preparing for the ultimate end can big a boatload of joy for the ultimate moment: now-o’clock.

Halloween costume: Ghost Whisperer

Your Theme Song:

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising: Go easy on yourself, and everyone else. If it feels like life is unraveling a bit, so be it, it will re-ravel or it won’t. In the end it’s truly none of our business how the cookie crumbles and your chart looks more like crumbles than cookies at this point, but if anyone can get into creative chaos it’s you. It’s OK to also recede a little from the shenanigans of life as you are incubating the beginnings of a new you. Over exposure is over rated, but I’m an introverted extrovert so you may want to consider the source. I’m going to continue routing for you to pay attention to your dreams, your fantasies and the spirit world. I mean if you really want to harness this energy (and I’m about to freak a couple of you out) this is your time to talk to the dead, but lets be clear that by “dead” I mean transformed energy that’s gone from matter back to energy. Even if you don’t believe it, it may be interesting to suspend your disbelief and experiment by spending some of this week praying to your ancestors, friends and lovers that have crossed over. Ask for help, for signs and for direction if you need it. Speak to them as if they are here with you, just a little less formed than before.

Halloween costume: Messy Mistress (just rolled out of bed, fabulously flawed)

Your Theme Song:

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising: A friend of mine just got back from a week retreat with Thich Nhat Hanh and was telling me about the experience. Beyond the obvious benefits of being in the presence of a meditation master, he commented that one of the most healing things about being with there was that every so often a bell would ring and no matter what anyone was doing everything would stop, everyone would breath and remember to be mindful. I like this experiment for you this week, I’d even go so far as to ask you to set your alarm for random times throughout the day and every time it goes off pause and take ten deep breaths. Mindfulness is obviously helpful and beneficial no matter what the astrology, but this astrology screams, “Stop what you are doing and pay attention to what is happening!” You’re in another wave of personal transformation and interior upheaval. Where to live? How to grow up and get through the next shedding of your personality? It’s like you’re having an emotional chemical peel. You may want to schedule in some serious down time this week to recuperate in private. Don’t look to feel tremendously rooted this week, but do look at ways in which you can get creatively present and fundamentally grounded.

Halloween costume: Present Time Clock (hands point to “Now” o’clock)

Your Theme Song:

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising: If I was going to name this week it would be entitled, “Perfect, Playful Darkness”. Most of us have lost our sense of humor about death, which to me is a direct effect of losing our connection with our own sense of immortality. Ritual is meant to bring us back to our senses and remind us that these things that we do every day; eat, sleep, wash, walk, talk, figure, solve, mess up, forget and tamper with, are only the vehicles we are supposed to be using to experience love, connection and faith. Children are so darn playful because they are closer to the truth of which they are, they haven’t lost their faith because they don’t know that it’s something that could possibly be lost. If we truly knew that we had enough and that we would be looked after we would most likely walk through the world so differently, wouldn’t we? The astrology of the moment is asking you to consider what stories you walk through the world with. Are you a child of the universe that is taken care of despite all signs to the contrary or are you an unclaimed orphan who has to fend for them and beat everyone to the trough at dinnertime? You are setting a pattern in your career/public life and I want you to set the most productive, joyful, irreverent one possible. Do what you do best and think outside the box and be contrary to any kind of doom and gloom cultural narrative. Recreate your role in the world through extreme thoughts of radical self-acceptance.

Halloween costume: Sal Mineo in “Rebel Without A Cause”, Tracy Turnblad or any other teen angst iconoclast

Your Theme Song:

Pisces and Pisces Rising: What gave Judith Bulter the insight to dismantle the very gender paradigms that she had been inundated with since day one? Where did bell hooks develop the kind of courage it would take to come forth with her ideas in the face of institutions that were blind to not only her brilliance but also her existence as a human being? What makes artists like Haifaa Al-Mansour, Erykah Badu, Banksy and Russell Brand able to create in honesty in a society that fears its own shadow? Where do those folks get the courage to speak their truth, to walk their talk and be so irreverent, passionate and unapologetic about what they stand for? Last week I asked you to go on a media diet, this week I’m going to ask you to reintroduce some selective media: I want you to watch things that inspire you to be brave, ridiculously honest and unconventionally creative. Another thing I want you to make space for is any and all practices that help you connect to your spiritual self, it’s just far too easy to get off the path right now and into some very funky territory with others-don’t do it. Stay close to what keeps you sane, groovy and free.

Halloween costume: Any of the above anyone from Democracy Now!

Your Theme Song:

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