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UC-Berkeley Reminds Students A Slutty Costume Doesn’t Mean Rape Is OK


University of California Berkeley has started a Halloween campaign to remind its students that no matter how revealing a costume is, it’s not an invitation to rape or sexually assault someone no matter what their gender is. The Cal Consent Campaign placed posters around sororities, high traffic areas and dormitories.

The Associated Students of the University of California and, class president, DeeJay Pepito designed the campaign as an effort to thwart sexual violence on campus, especially during a holiday where alcohol and exposed garments are the norm and where my some confuse these elements as a signal to initiate unwanted physical touching.

The Cal Consent Campaign’s Facebook page states, “In an effort to address the issue of sexual assault in not only the Berkeley campus, but in the community as a whole, the ASUC Office of the President presents the first ever Cal Consent Campaign. Our goal is to bring awareness and promote the importance of consent and safety. So share these photos with friends, peers, and loved ones to stay safe and have fun this Halloween season!”

The poster campaign kicks off the university’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month this November according to The Daily Cal. While there isn’t typically an uptake in sexual assault during holidays, UCPD Lt. Eric Tejada, still urges students to be mindful.

This is a great reminder considering all the recent Title XI federal investigations at universities regarding mishandled and unreported sexual assaults.

Check out the awesome posters below.

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