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Disney Princesses: Where Are They Now?


We all grew up with the Disney Princesses. We loved their stories and lived vicariously through them. After all the films ended and we saw the happily ever after, we are left wondering: what actually is happily ever after?

So I have found out what has happened to all of these Disney princesses! It may come as no surprise to you that some of these princesses went down the wrong path, that’s what fame and fortune can do to you. In a time when partying was crazy and laws were lax for royalty, these girls went a little crazy. Their princes have strayed, their castles have crumbled and these ladies have all been through some crazy situations, but have come out on top… sort of.

From reality shows to drug abuse, some of these princesses have lost some of the luster on their crown. Nevertheless, they are the women we used to love and we shouldn’t judge them for all of there mistakes… expect for Snow White, she got a little carried away. But losing seven dwarfs can do that to you.

Take a look at what the ladies have been up to! Let me know what you think, and who you think will be the first to end up on the on of Perez Hilton’s headlines.

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