Here’s What Your Halloween Costume Says About You This Year

Halloween as a child versus Halloween as an adult might as well be two different holidays.

Ten years ago, your main concern was if your bag was large enough to support the masses of sugary goodness that would probably help contribute to a cavity or two, or if your costume would be the best one on your block.

These days, it’s still about the costumes but for totally different reasons. Whether you’re hitting up a bar or attending a friend’s Halloween party, your costume will tell people all they need to know about you even as you’re parading around as someone else.

Slutty Anything

Mean Girls, which may be the most quotable movie of our generation, taught us many lessons back in 2004. Among those life lessons was this nugget of information, “In Girl World, Halloween is the one day a year when a girl can dress up like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” If you plan on being a sexy animal, a sexy devil or sex-up anything that wouldn’t normally be considered sexy, Regina George would be proud. The sexy costume tells the adult world “I have arrived.” No longer are you the little girl who could barely go a block past your house. You’re here to be sexy, sultry and scarf down chocolate on your downtime.

Culturally Appropriated Costumes

Have your eye on that Geisha or Pocahontas costume? …You may want to think again. While the spirit of Halloween is all about being something that you aren’t for a day, keep in mind that some of these costumes are actually facets of people’s culture. It is more to them than a trend. I’m definitely not saying that you are limited to costumes that are your race, but if you have the thought that something could be culturally insensitive, that should serve as a red flag already. You wouldn’t want people to think you were a jerk because of how you dressed one night out of the year.

Couples Costumes

If you and your sweetie are in matching outfits, people are probably looking at you as the obnoxious couple. Regardless if people appreciate your relationship or not (which really doesn’t matter) you will still be a bit obnoxious if you’re Ketchup and he’s Mustard. Although cute when executed properly, it’s a little like, “Oh, you guys are together every single day, and you’re still together today, AND you match. Cute.” All sarcasm.

The Humor Costume

Nothing is better than walking into the party with the costume that is a complete conversation starter. This tells people that you that you are a joker and enjoy a good laugh at your own expense.

The Celebrity Costume

Almost equally as funny as humor costumes are the costumes emulating your favorite figures from popular culture. Tons of celebrities have signature looks that will make you stand out in a sea of generic “sexy cops” and witch costumes. Who doesn’t want to feel like a celebrity for a day?

What will you be dressing as this Halloween?

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