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15 Scary-Ass Halloween Cakes That Look Yucky


I am going to tell you the story of why I didn’t eat pancakes for ten years that is much scarier than these scary cakes. Growing up, my mom was all about saving and reusing whatever we had, which is a great practice. This applied to clothing as well as food and thinking about how much food is wasted in this country each year, I have to give props to my mom. One thing she did was reuse oil. I have no idea if you are supposed to do that but I know it always grossed out my dad although it never phased me until one fateful day . . . My mom was making me pancakes as mothers do when you are 9 years old. She had reused some oil from the previous day. I dug into my pancakes because they were delicious.

As I cut each bite with the edge of my fork I noticed something in my pancake . . . was it a burnt piece of crunch? No. It was a cockroach. It was a cockroach embedded into the batter of my pancake that had been swimming in last night’s oil.

I was traumatized. TRAUMATIZED. I didn’t even put the cockroach in my mouth but just seeing it made me never eat pancakes again until I was in my twenties. With that said I have NO IDEA how people are eating these cakes. Some of these images hit a little too close to my sense memory and make me gag. On the other hand, it’s cake and who would ever say no to cake?

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