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5 Lies Most Guys Are Telling on Facebook


Facebook used to be all about friends, and connecting with people you haven’t seen in a while, now its turned into a stalking mechanism, and a way for some guys to try and pick up girls, or vice versa. Now I would be a liar if I said I have never done a little Facebook stalking here and there, but it’s necessary! People out there lie! You meet a guy at a party and add him on Facebook, his relationship status says single, but there are about 30 pictures of him with the same girl over and over again, smiling, and hugging, and doing all sorts of cutesy stuff. It is clear that he has a girlfriend, but he hasn’t changed his relationship status… honest mistake or calculated move?

Over at YourTango, they have picked 5 of the most common lies guys tell on Facebook, relationship status being one of them. Check out these lies, and see if the guy you’re talking to may be a bit of a sketch ball.

Side note: Honestly people the whole meeting people on Facebook thing is actually a little weird, stop trying to get to know people on social media! I get that it’s convenient and all that jazz, but seriously is grabbing a cup of coffee and actually talking to someone that much a time consuming activity, that it can no longer fit in your schedule? Take all that time you spend sitting behind your computer “meeting people” and go out and actually meet some people. Plus, it’ll be much easier to tell if someone is lying to your face rather than through a Facebook message.

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