10 Things You Can Do This Halloween Instead Of Getting Wasted

Halloween is tomorrow and the pressure is on (I certainly felt it during my time at college) to outdo and out-party everyone you know. The result is usually paying a $40 club fee, buying a ton of overpriced drinks, getting super wasted and, ending up home, through what can only be described, as witchery because no one really remember what happened or how you managed to navigate public transportation. Getting very drunk or even drinking at all isn’t necessarily everyone’s prerogative and not everyone in college is old enough to partake in those kinds of festivities.

Get ready for some good, clean, fun, kiddos! Just remember it’s not what you’re doing it’s who you’re doing it with so round up your besties and get high off of Diet Coke and Sour Patch Kids.

1.) Hand out candy. Sit at home, bundled in the covers, doing your thang. It’s the easiest way to celebrate Halloween with very little effort. You get to enjoy the squishy faces of trick-or-treaters without having to stay up until 3AM or spend cash on a costume.

2.) Go trick or treating. You are not too old. No one is too old for free candy. That is ridiculous.

3.) Carve pumpkins. I mean, have you seen Miley’s pornkin carvings? Have you seen the Bieber pumpkins? Pumpkin carving is good, clean, fun but that doesn’t mean you got to keep it clean.

4.) Horror movie night. Host a horror movie marathon with friends. Some movies are unwatchable without the sassy commentary and inside jokes you form with friends. Watch a complete season of American Horror Story or all of the Scream series. If you’re in for an outing head to the theater to see the new Carrie reboot. 

5.) TP someone’s house. Legally we can’t encourage vandalism but you know . . . TP your own house then clean it up and remember to recycle. Be a degenerate responsibly.

6. ) Host a Witch Night. Watch The Craft, Hocus Pocus, The Witches of Eastwick or Halloweentown.  Have a seance with an Ouija board. Learn to read tarot cards and give each other readings. Cast a spell like this one to make Zac Efron fall in love with you because let’s face it, the man is like fine wine: he gets better and better.


7.) Make pumpkin foods. You will never go wrong with food. Make a pumpkin pie, bake pumpkin seeds, or make this yummy pumpkin-maple mousse. Use your leftovers to make a pumpkin mask.

8.) Goosebumps book swap. I am never letting go of my “Reader Beware. You Choose The Scare,” series so it may not be the best idea. My favorite thing about swaps is that you get rid of clutter and you get something new. Trade your favorite horror, fantasy and sci-fi books like Pet Semetery, Interview With A Vampire or Rosemary’s Baby. 

9.) Murder mystery party. Yes, it’s corny but that’s why it’s fun. Each party guest comes as a character as you try to uncover a murder, it’s like Clue but IRL. There’s an entire website that shows you how to set up the game step by step.

10.) Don’t celebrate Halloween. Halloween is one of those holidays where you tend to get really amped up and have high expectations but one where plans can easily fall apart and end up being a mess. Sometimes it’s best to just treat it like any other day and move on. Just don’t forget to indulge in some candy.

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