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Jennifer Lawrence’s Hunger Games Audition Was Flaw Free


Jennifer Lawrence‘s Hunger Games audition was FLAW FREE. When auditions began in 2011 over 50 actresses were vying for the role but producer Nina Jacobson felt the feelz when J Law read for the part. She told Variety, “I teared up. We had a lot of wonderful actresses at the audition, but it was game over at that point.”

Jacobson wasn’t the only one who felt Jennifer’s presence, director Gary Ross had a similar response, “I got choked up. You only see that kind of talent once in a generation — that kind of intensity and emotional power. If you don’t find the right performer, you don’t have the movie. So I felt like, ‘Now I can make the movie.'”

Jacobson calls Jennifer the “anti-diva” because she is so willing to laugh at herself on set. This comes as no surprise. At this point it’s almost cliche to love Jennifer Lawrence for her at ease persona and corny jokes but I will admit it, I love her. Don’t care. Love her.

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