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Forgiving the Friend Who Always Blacks Out – Yay or Nay?


Everyone has that one friend who somehow always ends up completely obliterated when you goes out. They’re either puking, hitting on your ex or putting drinks on everyone’s tab but their own. This friend is in every group and people never really know how to deal with it. You can either stop hanging out with them, or just go with the flow and ignore it. I personally don’t mind that blackout friend, mostly because I refuse to be the one to hold your hair back or save you from arrest. I let people know from the beginning of all festivities that we are all grown and we should all be able to handle ourselves. If they can’t hang, its really not your problem.

Just this past weekend I was out and about celebrating one of my best friends’ birthdays. Now normally she is pretty good with handling her liquor, but this weekend for some reason was different. She went a little crazy and got us kicked out of a pretty nice bar…my favorite bar actually. Now most people, from what I’ve seen, get really upset when stuff like this happens, they get all in a huff and start a fight with the blackout friend. I personally found it HILARIOUS! I was laughing hysterically for hours, I swear. Not only did we get kicked out of the club but we proceeded to head home, only half way there we realized we had never closed our tabs and had to do a drunken walk of shame back to get our IDs and credit cards. These situations tend to get people frustrated, they get angry and then end up ruining their whole night. My advice is, just grab a drink and watch the shit show unfold, because its usually pretty darn entertaining.

Now if your friend is doing something that could potentially leave her hurt, or hurting others, then you should step in — like if they try to drive, or if they are about to hook up with their best friends ex-boyfriend. In situations like those, I say just stay calm, try to keep things fun and eventually your drunk friend will eventually do what you want them to do. Drunk people are easy to convince to do anything if you make it sound fun, but once you get agitated, or make it seem like they are doing something wrong, things will most definitely take a turn for the worse.

So my personal answer is yes, forgive that friend who blacks out. Next day just ask for your money back, tell the stories of the dumb things they did over and over again, until they are so ashamed that they never want to get to that level again. It takes to much time and energy to be angry about something so silly. And quite honestly, if while you’re out you’re capable of taking care of someone else, you aren’t doing it right.

Go grab a drink, bring your boozy friend and watch the shit show unfold!

Do you guys forgive and forget? Or do you just ditch that friend for good at the parties?


[Lead image via Jan Mika/Shutterstock]

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