How To Successfully Hook Up On Halloween [Sexy Time]

Happy Halloween! I’d argue that Halloween has probably become one of the most sexually charged holidays we have. Something about dressing up in a costume, regardless of how raggedy or uninspired it is, tends to make people more sexually available and accessible. Which is to say, if you’re one of those shy-but-horny girls who finds it difficult getting it in on a typical party night (or if you’re just DTF), you have absolutely no excuse to go home untouched tonight. The great (and sometimes horrible) thing about Halloween celebrations is that everyone pretends like it’s an alternate universe where consequences are minimal-to-nonexistent and everything goes. It’s one night where it’s acceptable to be bold, brash, and aggressive. So tonight is totally your oyster if you’re ready to dive for it.

The first step is to wear a costume that you’re fully committed to. Whether you go for quirky, scary, skanky, or some combination of any of those, you’ve got to embrace it all the way. There is no place for insecurity on this most silly of holidays, so if you have any inclination towards taking yourself seriously tonight, get over it. Have some drinks, repeat a few positive affirmations to yourself, or do whatever it is you need to do to suppress any feelings of inadequacy or self-consciousness.

The second step is to actively pursue someone you’re attracted to. Whether you’re going to a party where the long-time object of your affection is there, or whether you only know one other person, hopefully you’re going to be in a situation where you can find someone you’re interested in (please don’t force yourself to hook up with some rando you’re not into just because you feel obligated to do so). When you find someone you like, approach them. You have several built-in conversations: you can talk about costumes, your favorite Halloween movies/traditions, how stoked you are for discounted Halloween candy… You’re not seeking a soulmate here, so it’s totally fine to keep the conversation light and fluffy. Once you get a banter going, start flirting via physical affection. Arm grazing, coy smiles, whatever you’re comfortable with. If the person is interested, it should pretty quickly escalate into something more. Seriously, confidence and a flirty rapport are usually all you need to get something started. If you want to take it beyond making out, be safe and be careful. I’m not going to actively encourage you to go home with someone you’ve just met, but if you’re comfortable with that, don’t be reckless about it. Make sure someone knows where you’re going, make sure you take all the precautions you need to protect your health, and don’t be afraid to assert your boundaries. Going home with someone does not mean that you’re obligated to do anything you do not want to do.

If you do end up staying out super late, it would behoove you to try to get home before sunrise. Because doing a walk of shame/stride of pride in a tattered Halloween costume in broad daylight is not necessarily the best look. But if you do end up in that situation, strut like you’re Beyonce and the sidewalk is your stage. If nothing else, you’ll get an embarrassing anecdote to share with your friends over breakfast.

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