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How to Balance an Internship On Top of Your College Workload


As if graduating on time wasn’t a task in itself, it’s almost impossible to obtain a job in your career scope without snagging a few internships. So how does one manage 18 credit hours, a job, interning and actually having a social life? It’s not easy, but definitely not impossible.

Manage Time

One of the most obvious ways to be a multifaceted student is to manage your time efficiently. Whether this means penciling in every deadline on a calendar, riddling your room with Post-Its or investing in a fancy planner, do what needs to be done. Designate certain hours or days for only school work or times that you only focus on your internship.

Try A Virtual Internship

Virtual internships are such a convenient way of getting the experience you need, while allowing you to remain a student first. Most times your supervisors will be super accommodating and offer you a flexible schedule. You may need to set aside a few hours a day to complete your work or partake in conference calls. The thing I love about virtual internships is once your shift is over, you can forget about it, until next time.

Invest in Vitamins

Last year when I got a new position on campus, I was shocked at the late night meetings we had. The first couple were a bit harsh, and I could barely make it out of bed the next morning for class. Instead of letting the meetings drain me, I invested in a collection of vitamins. Once I was taking my vitamins every day, my energy increased. Not to mention they are a safer alternative to energy drinks.

Study As You Go 

When you have so many obligations on campus it can be difficult to make time for the things that actually matter. Once I became more involved on campus I found myself less involved in my school work, but once I saw my grades that quickly changed. Internships are great, but you have to remember why your parents pay this illustrious institution so much of their money. For me, studying as I go helps a bunch. After a new lecture, read over the chapter little by little. Do a few pages each night, that way it’s less overwhelming. By the time exams roll around, you will already be familiar with the material. I don’t even study anymore, which allows me more time to devote to my other obligations.

Work During Your Best Hours 

Everyone is productive at different times of the day. Maybe you’re a morning person, or perhaps you are a night owl. I have found that through my time as a student it varies. Some years I would wake up a few hours earlier and finish any work I might have had left over. Lately, I get a burst of energy between midnight and 2 a.m. If you are a student that can do all-nighters, do what is most productive for you.

Sleep and Eat Well 

All of these tips are irrelevant if your body isn’t going to work with you. You need to make sure your stomach is fed and your brain is well rested. Sleep and food are two of the best things in the world, indulge!

Treat Yourself

When you have a workload such as this, you deserve to be treated–even if it’s something small. To motivate me while studying, I keep food around. However, I only let myself indulge if I’ve made significant progress. This is also helpful when you know you have busted your chops during a busy week. Get a pedicure, buy yourself a new bag, do something!

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