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Vote! Which Celeb Had The Best Miley Costume


We (and everyone else) predicted that Miley Cyrus would be a popular Halloween costume this year after that—dare we say—iconic MTV VMA performance with Robin Thicke. However, we didn’t expect that so many celebrities would sport the teddy bear, tongue-tastic Halloween costume.

It’s funny that everyone made such a HUGE deal about Miley’s VMA performance calling it raunchy, unnecessarily sexy and a hot mess. Yet, look at all these “grown women” who have no trouble putting on the EXACT same outfit and bending over the EXACT same way and no one is making any kind of big stink over it. The Miley costume was hugely popular in New York City and if people think they are being any more ironic than Miley was being on the night of the VMAs they need to get real. Let’s be honest: it’s fun to dress up in a teddy bear unitard and twerk like a fool. Embrace the hot mess.

So who did Miley dress up as this Halloween? None other than Lil Kim. I have to applaud the girl for dressing up as two black women, Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim consecutively without doing blackface, yet perfectly capturing their iconic looks.

Vote For The Best Miley

Joan Rivers

Perez Hilton

Paris Hilton

Jenny McCarthy

Kelly Rippa Michael Strahan

Kelly and Regis

Crystal Harris  and Hugh Hefner 

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