How to Handle Your Boyfriend’s Female Best Friend

Is there anything more intimidating than when your boyfriend has a girl BFF? She’s gorgeous. She’s smart. She’s been around longer than you and knows him pretty dang well. All of these facts can make it pretty difficult for a person to repress those jealous feelings and worries that come from watching your man bond with another female.

If it’s not his mom or sister or great aunt Mildred, you have every right to be a little sketched out, but don’t worry! There is hope for this kind of awkward situation.

Being in a relationship requires you to mingle and mix with your significant other’s friends–including female friends. It can be a tricky situation to get a hold of, but it’s totally doable. You might even gain a new girlfriend in the process!  If you’re still not convinced, head on over to and listen to their sex and relationship expert, Caitlin, give some sound and funny advice!

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