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Melissa McCarthy Proves, Once Again, That She Is The Best Ever


Melissa McCarthy always seems to be involved in some sort of controversy over her weight. Recently, “Jacket Gate” started. McCarthy was on the cover of Elle Magazine featured in a giant coat, which some believed to be on purpose in order to cover up McCarthy’s amazing curves.

In true funny woman fashion, she just laughed the whole thing off.

McCarthy went on Jay Leno Friday night and discussed this silly issue that people seem to be enraged about. When Leno asked her what she thought about the whole thing, she seemed totally over it.

“There was a big to-do about it which kind of made me laugh,” McCarthy said, “How dare someone put me in a $3,000 coat. I want to know why I don’t own the coat!”

She then looked straight into the camera and stated again how much she wants the amazing cashmere coat she wore during the photo shoot. I have to give it up to Melissa McCarthy for her amazing grace and poise during all of these dumb “controversies” in regards to her weight. Instead of being embarrassed or mad about the situation, she just takes it like a champion. She even comments on how the whole concept for the shoot was her idea. She picked the coat. She picked the photo.

Can everyone finally shut up about her weight and just love her for the funny and gorgeous actress she is? Check out the video below to see her whole conversation with Leno in regards to “Jacket Gate” below!

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