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The 12 Worst Babysitters in Movie and TV History!


If movies and television have taught us anything, it’s that finding a babysitter you can trust with your children is a mission: impossible. Between getting murdered by serial killers, sleeping with the kids’ parents (one or both), getting lost with them in deserts, or just plain old becoming so cuckoo for cocoa puffs that they think the kids belong to THEM, what parent doesn’t worry the first day they leave the house? For ample proof in the ways movies and television have showcased some of the worst nanny practices, see the following…

Identity theft, kidnapping, serial killing, homicide, breastfeeding, Satanist raising practices, leaving with Mike Tyson at a strip club, and not bothering to put sunscreen on the baby while driving with the top down in Las “it’s 101 degrees in February” Vegas! Not everyone can be Mary Poppins. Let’s start with their real name and a lack of a criminal record or recent traumatic death in their immediate family that might inspire psychopathic behavior.

Getting a vasectomy,

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