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University of Michigan Students Receive Backlash for “Hood Ratchet Thursday” Party


Party frequenters go get your rope chains, baggy jeans and du-rags, because we’re all headed to University of Michigan’s “Hood Ratchet Thursday” party!

Not quite. 

I joke about it now, but the students of Theta Xi were out of line for their “ratchet” themed party.

The party was set to take place on Thursday, Nov. 7, but due to its offensive nature it has been cancelled indefinitely. Allen Wu created a Facebook page to alert the student body of the themed festivities. You may be wondering who makes the guest list at at Hood Ratchet party? The party is open but not limited to: rappers, twerkers, thugs, basketball players and ratchet p*ssy.


Almost forgot the best part! The best twerker in the party’s twerk competition would have been awarded with a Kindle!

I have lived in the “hood” all my life. How are you going to have a “ratchet” party and gift a Kindle? I don’t know anyone from the hood with a Kindle, now you know you’re wrong.

Students Erica Negy and Brian Thomas knew they were wrong, too. The two sent a letter to the administration expressing their disdain for the party that poked fun at their culture. Wu insisted that the party was not to target the Black community, but to celebrate the Hip-Hop community. “We take it for what it is, and that’s hip hop as music, and thus, hip-hip culture. If current hip hop is dominated by terminology like ‘twerking,’ ‘ratchet,’ and ‘swag,’ then that’s what its audience absorbs as hip hop: it doesn’t have to be Black,” said Wu in an attempts to justify his intentions.

Theta Xi’s chapter president Eric Quang apologized on behalf of the insensitivity of his fraternity. “I would like to apologize to all of the members of our student body, including those of all ethnicities, and to all women, for our extraordinary lack of consideration, and lapse in judgment.”

Although Quang apologized in this instance, it doesn’t make up for all the other ones similar to this. Dartmouth hosted a party this summer themed after the “Bloods and Crips.” Party-goers dressed up as their favorite gangstas and indulged in the ghettoness of it all.

I am honestly just trying to figure out how the students of U of M thought this was acceptable. You can say the words “ratchet” and “hood” aren’t synonymous with Black culture, but it makes more sense not to play to the technicalities because we could be here all day. Wu said it was a party to celebrate the Hip Hop culture, but if you valued the culture you would realize that the references you are making highlight the weakest points in hip hop. Why not highlight the greats? Wear shelltop Adidas sneakers like Run DMC or refer to each other as King and Queens like Nas.

You tried it, Theta Xi, and Erica Negy and Brian Thomas weren’t having it.

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