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Women Are Catty Because of #Science, Says One Study


We’ve all been through it. Throughout the numerous encounters with women in your life, you’d probably be able to count on both hands the number of catty experiences you have succumbed to. There was a whole movie created about it. Mean Girls, duh.

A “study” conducted by LiveScience explores the realm of female cattiness. Tracy Vaillancourt believes that cattiness among women is a result of indirect aggression. According to the study, women are said to partake in this defense mechanism because of the “low injury.” But are both parties unscathed? As stated by Vaillancourt, “Not only does such cattiness make the targeted women too sad and anxious to compete in the sexual market, some studies suggest is can make men find rivals less attractive–provided the badmouthing comes from a cute woman.”

Women are catty because they want to eliminate sexual competition? A bit far-fetched. 

Emory University psychologist, Kim Wallen wasn’t buying what Vaillancourt was selling. She felt as though the argument lacked statistical data and was more opinion than fact. Vaillancourt stuck by her argument. Women tend to avoid direct confrontation, and work through their problems in a passive aggressive manner, whereas men do not.

Stop right there.

Okay, this may be true for some women. There are a fair share of Petty Patties. They will go as far as sending subliminal messages on social media, or go out of their way to roll their eyes in a trivial attempt to belittle you. But, there are also Petty Patricks. It is not enough to say that men are more aggressive, and because of that they attack any issue head on. Wrong. 

If we’re going to dive into the realm of “sexual rivals” I am willing to say that men can be the pettiest when it comes to sexual competition. I have witnessed many men who will acknowledge a man going after the same “prize” and will say anything to demean their character. This is the same principle that Vaillancourt attributed as a feminine trait.

As for women, if that is the reason we are catty, that is beyond pathetic. There will always be someone younger and more attractive than us. With that being said, there will also be a man who wants us just a little more than the next. Worry more about yourself and less about the next woman. There isn’t a man on this earth who will decline a woman who is self-assured.

[Lead image via Annette Shaff/Shutterstock]

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