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Living at Home vs. Living in the Dorms Was Never Explained So Perfectly [Video]


I have just seen the funniest video comparing living in college housing and living at your parents house. For those of you who are in college, get ready for some funny fortune telling. For those of you who are living at home after college, get ready to see just how lame life has gotten.

I have been lucky enough to have the best of both worlds; I did the dorming thing for a year, then I decided communal bathrooms and gross food weren’t for me, so I moved back home. This video has got it right! I literally do things the same way they depicted! I have an alarm set for 7:30 am, every morning… just to get my day started. When I dormed, 7:30 am was usually when my night was ending. From screaming for my mom, to almost sleeping through a midterm, this video has got it right.

And for those of you who are in dorms who think you won’t become as lame as us at home folk, you’ve got it wrong! Almost all of my friends who have moved home after graduation are just like me living in suburban bliss.

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