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New Anti-Rape Shorts For Women Have Special Locks to Prevent Sexual Assault


A company called AR Wear is offering a wearable line of protection for “when things go wrong”. What does that mean exactly? Well, to put it bluntly, they’ve invented anti-rape shorts. AR Wear has taken their product to Indiegogo to gather funding to make these shorts a large-scale reality.

The special shorts are made with locks (yes, you read that correctly) around the waistband and leg holes and look a bit like some heavy-duty UnderArmour creation. The idea is that the wearer of the shorts would be able to set a lock combination at each point of entry to prevent anyone but themselves from removing them. Sidenote: Imagine trying to wiggle your way out of these when you’re drunk or have to pee really badly.

The designers were faced with a problem, however. How were they going to create a garment that was resistant to pulling, tearing and cutting while also remaining practical for regular wear? Everyone knows how annoying Spanx can be to layer under clothes, and all they’re doing is sucking in your soft bits. These shorts would be like a chastity belt of sorts, but would need to remain seamless under clothing and comfortable enough that you’d actually want to put them on.

As a result, AR Wear’s “solution was to strengthen specific elements of our garments using an innovative skeletal structure which allows them to remain soft and ergonomic. The waist, thighs, and central panels are protected with specially designed, cut resistant straps and webbing.”

Seems like the perfect solution. But aren’t we missing the larger issue here? The fact that something as absurd as “anti-rape shorts” are even a legitimate product…are even a legitimate concept…is just absurd to me. While I can definitely find value in anything that prevents rape and sexual assault, the issue of rape prevalence itself cannot go ignored.

Would you wear anti-rape shorts? Are you appalled that we live in a society that something like this is even being invented out of necessity?

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